On Deconstructing Faith & Possession in The Sandman

On Deconstructing Faith & Possession in The Sandman

The Sandman, based on Neil Gaiman''s comic books, is something I''ve encountered myself in lately. Life, mysteries, higher powers, and more are represented, but for me, it was the structures that reflected and helped me in deconstructing my faith.

I grew up in a Baptist family, surrounded by more diverse ideas and viewpoints about the world in front of me. The world is a crazy place, but I was somewhat anxious about believing the days of theRevelations were upon us every moment and others needed to be saved. As a result, watching and reading The Sandman I am seeing became an interesting part of my life. This is how I grew up learning about Cain and Abel, Hell, Heaven, dreams, and nightmares drenched in evangelical rules

The Sandman takes a brief but complex look at Cain and Abel, dives into the depths of what I still hold in the midst of hell, and takes a deeper dive into the possibilities of death and what an afterlife may be. The series provides a set of beautifully stunning moments to life, and reminds you that life may be scary and complex, but there''s still something profound and profound to it.

The Sandman, which is transforming my past evangelical faith and looking into my future exploration of Norse paganism that connects me to generations of my family before me, begins the process in an interesting way. It almost promotes an incentive to look inward and examine the harmful ways I perceived things like dreams, desire, death, and more. Although I''ve deconstructed my faith for many years now, it will always be a process, no matter how small.

The Sandman is officially one of my favorite shows of the year, and I thank Gaiman for bringing these ideas to life more than ever. I''m now more than ever pushing myself to explain what comics I read and how I take in content such this. It has never been more important than the permission to explore the complex and difficult parts of the past, trauma, and other things.

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