Punisher #5 Learns With Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility

Punisher #5 Learns With Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility

Jason Aaron, Paul Azaceta, and Jesus Saiz star in the first issue of Marvel Comics, where he continues the story of Frank Castle, as The Beast, an agent of the Hand, who now leads the murderous ninja religious tribe to his own acts of worldwide retribution, in return for resurrected his wife from the dead. Not that he is always grateful for it.

And, as a kid, looking back at Frank Castle''s early forms, his first murder as a young adult, and continuing those acts of retribution as a high-school student. Because, the superhero that he is inside his head, that means taking down the school bullies.

Making a friend.

a friend who discovers him the love of his life

Not that he is always grateful for it. So when he ignores the real danger to that friend, in favor of a shag,

and it finishes badly.

Frank Castle is accused of self-distraction for permitting himself to die from a relationship.

As a sacrifice has been made, a. and The Punisher emerges.

Momentan, distractions must be limited to phone calls.

With great ability, there must be a lot of responsibility not to be distracted. And that is why Frank joins the Marines.

More distractions, all based on a lie.

The Hand have brought back Frank Castle''s greatest woes. How will he respond to this temptation in the near future? This is how he did it last time.

JUN221036 MARVEL COMICS Jason Aaron (A) Paul Azaceta (A/CA) Jesus Saiz Is the Punisher truly the Fist of the Beast and the predestined High Slayer of the Hand? Or is Frank Castle not particularly great at being an individual. PARENTAL ADVISORY In Shops: Aug 10, 2022 SRP: $4.99

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