People liked Forspoken's dialogue so much that it slowed the trend for 'Joss Whedon' on Twitter

People liked Forspoken's dialogue so much that it slowed the trend for 'Joss Whedon' on Twitter

Some of the early trailers for Forspoken, a Squeenix action-adventure/RPG epic coming in January, suggested portentious world-saving stuff. This is a different setback to a clip shared on Forspoken''s offical Twitter this week, where main character Frey Holland performed a "Yup, that''s me!" type of elevator pitch for the game. A lot of people on the birdsite were equally appreciative of Frey''s behavior, even if

Frey lists all of the things she''s going on with her (So let me get this straight) in the snarktastic style of a fast-talking MCU character. I can''t be certain, but I think the greatest offender is "I''m seeing dragons." Every clip is actually written down from other information (mostly a story trailer from a year ago) but many people just dismiss your game and blame Joss Whedon for it.

Is it a wonderful and cruel new land? Is it delectable monsters? An array of magical abilities? Sentient jewellery!? Welcome to the #Forspoken.

It''s also difficult to forget that the quipping is reduced to one concentrated dosage of 30 seconds. I''m sure Frey has more intrusions to her character, but it''s less annoying (at least, I hope so, because the game is fab).

We were debating how much much so far as I can tell he hasn''t written a single word of Forspoken, but on the other hand, making fun of Joss Whedon is a public good. Plus, he did popularize this type of cynical lolmonster in broader Hollywood, because his stickily tiny fingerprints were all over The Avengers, and that bled into a slew of other people''s work. And hey, ask Zack

Forspoken was originally designed as Project Athia, and it later became available for release this year (before being delayed). The game is in development at Square Enix''s Luminous Productions, which may explain why the combat and open world appear to be quite cool and pretty gorge respectively. Therein, however, there is the problem. This is how actual regular people speak, however, it is not how actual regular people interact.

Look out for news that Forspoken has been delaying again to rewrite and record all of Frey''s lines, a la the Sonic movie art change. If not, look out for it in 2023. Don''t let me feel you slander instead of swearing again.

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