In August, Sleeper Symbiote will host a new house in Venom #11

In August, Sleeper Symbiote will host a new house in Venom #11

If there''s one thing Marvel reader can''t get enough of, it''s symbiote! Well, pretty much, there are also characters from the Marvel Universe that are shaken to its foundations, but after all, the thing they can''t get enough of is symboites. Well, good news, symbiotebronies! In August, the House of Ideas announces a new host and re-debut as Sleeper Agent.

From the press release:

Each explosive issue, including writers Al Ewing and Ram V, and artist Bryan Hitch''s acclaimed VENOM campaign continues to revamp the symbiote mythos! So, for VENOM enthusiasts, the trio of star creators have no plans to slow down! In November, VENOM #11 will release its third terrifying arc.

Eddie and Dylan Brock''s journey takes a major turn as they investigate the shocking revelations of VENOM #10. Dylan is still at the mercy of Bedlam, while Eddie discovers more about the symbiotes than ever before. And the surprises keep coming as the Sleeper symbiote joins the fray with a tragic new figurative.

In a shocking twist, Marvel received the writer rather than the artist to provide the obligatory press release quote. Bryan Hitch said of Sleeper Agent''s debut in :

I was unaware of the symbiote world before drawing the first pages of issue #1, but it''s been a hugely enjoyable world to explore. From personal drama and urban action to all of space and time, I''ve had a blast learning about it.

This book is meant to draw cats rather than symbiotes, and Sleeper has evolved into a favorite character to play with. He hasn''t seen too much, but that''s getting serious and upping his game. With Sleeper Agent, he''s bringing a fresh element and a new character into the symbiote world. Chemical and biological warfare. This cover reveal is really only the first phase of Sleeper Agent''s appearance.

In August, Venom #11 will be available on Amazon.

RAM V. Art and Cover of the VENOM #11 is now available for purchase 8/3 from the publisher.

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