Someone Else Will Will If Frank Castle Won't Use Punisher Skull (Spoilers)

Someone Else Will Will If Frank Castle Won't Use Punisher Skull (Spoilers)

As a result of the Insurrection at the Capitol building in Washington, manyTrumpPunisher skull insignias were seen, including demonstrations conducted by police. This includes the use of Punisher imagery by officers.

The Hand reimagined Frank Castle with a new skull name called Devil Skull or Horned Skull, and using knives rather than guns. When asked how the writer explains, "So many people have tried to adapt the Punisher''s symbol and to develop their own narrative. However, they don''t get to define this character. It''s the character of Frank Castle that I''m interested in, for the better or worse, no matter what kind of shirt he wears. And that''s

The Punisher was filmed with a different skull. One that Marvel has also trademarked. So when Molon Labe, a militia group selling weapons, tried to brand the real Marvel Punisher skull.

Marvel objected to the US government, but Molon Labe was dismissed. However, in today''s #4, Frank Castle appears to be no longer using the Classic Skull, in favor of the new Devil Skull, then someone else will step up.

Ares is looking to expand beyond the Molon Labe imagery. It''s almost as if Marvel Comics is making a point.

JUN221036 MARVEL COMICS JUN221036 (W) Jason Aaron (A) Paul Azaceta (A/CA) Jesus Saiz Is the Punisher truly the Fist of the Beast and the predestined High Slayer of the Hand? Or is Frank Castle no longer a prisoner of their lies? If there''s one thing Frank Castle has never been particularly good at being it''s a prisoner. SRP: $4.99

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