After all, The DioField Chronicle does have a PC demo, and you may play it right now

After all, The DioField Chronicle does have a PC demo, and you may play it right now

Square Enix issued a statement last month that PC players would be missing out on the first demo for their next strategy game The DioField Chronicle, but it coincides with pre-orders going live, but the good news is that your save data, progress, and character levels from the demo will all transfer over to the final game if the game arrives on September 22nd. Huzzah.

I''ll be sneaking my toes into this fantastical real-time tactical game very soon, but in the mean time, let''s dive into what you''ll be playing in the demo. Square Enix claim it''s intended to''set the stage'' for this epic tale of war and honor, and will allow you to play until the first chapter of the game.

When you look at the trailer, you''ll get introduced to the Blue Fox Mercenaries, who look as though they''re being used as commander-type characters with very broad, varying abilities. These include Fredret Lester, Andrias Rhondarson, Waltaquin Redditch, and Iscarion Colchester, who I will undoubtedly end up describing as "Balthier''s brother," "the blonde pretty one," and "Gladio," and when you get

There are not just swords and shields, but dragon-shaped crossbows you''ll be dealing with, though. This is still a fantasy game, although it implies magic, sorcery, and huge mythical deer beasts with big shiny antlers. If the logo art is anything to go by, it will likely have a large variety of dragons and fairies in it somewhere.

I''m enthuse to dive in and give it a go, and if everything you need is teased by your tactics, then you can, for the DioField Chronicle directly on Steam. For the only time, it will start in full on September 22nd for 50/60/$60.

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