Fans of Coronation Street are on the verge of establishing a new relationship with Glenda

Fans of Coronation Street are on the verge of establishing a new relationship with Glenda

Glenda Shuttleworth got to Corrie last week with open arms.

When George''s sister arrived in Weatherfield, she discovered a rope on a cruise ship, which she became an instant hit.

Glenda and Mary, both from the Street community, were discussing a sexually abusing day with Laurence, the man he met at a wake last week when he was with Glenda.

After getting cold feet, the pair had to join forces to harangue Sean to attend the date.

Poor Eileen was not impressed with Glenda and Mary''s views. She''s currently feeling that Glenda has been forced out, leaving her tumbling home on fire at the age of 11.

Corrie viewers can''t get enough of this chilling new double act.

When a message from Sean, which they informed of the date, left fans feeling wreaking, cuddling and jumping up and down in the living room, he left them in hysterics.

The purest joy of the conversation sparked social media by their purest love.

The comments were typical of "I think Glenda and Mary might be my next favorite soap pairing."

Many asked for more involvement in future episodes. "They should collaborate more often," said one individual.

Another wanted Mary and Glenda to be "BFFs" (best friends forever).

One joked that they might have to sue ITV because their enjoyment had got too much. "The sheer shady barn of Glenda, Mary, and Sean together has caused my television to burst in a ball of rainbows and glitter," they said. "I''m sending ITV the bill."

I think Mary and Glenda might be my favorite soap pairing. #CorrieAugust 10, 2022

Glenda and Mary create a fantastic team - they should form more often #CorrieAugust 10, 2022

Mary and Glenda are already BBFs #CorrieAugust 10, 2022.

Glenda, Mary, and Sean''s cliches have spawned my television in a ball of rainbows and glitter. Im sending ITV the bill. #CorrieAugust 10, 2022

#CorrieAugust 10, 2022 is the collaboration between Mary and Glenda.

As Glenda''s story unfolds, Jodie Prenger has agreed to a long-term contract with Corrie.

With the high drama the show has created in the most weeks, more Glenda and Mary magic would certainly be a welcome tonic.

On ITV, Coronation Street screens Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8.00pm.

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