The DioField Chronicle demo is now available on PC and consoles

The DioField Chronicle demo is now available on PC and consoles

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The strategy RPG for Square Enix and Lancarses has a demo, which is now available. The upcoming game has an introductory demo live now on digital storefronts for PC and console.

The demo begins right at the beginning of the game, and progress progress will continue from the demo into the full version of.

It can be found here on the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5, the Microsoft store for Xbox Series X|S and One, on the Nintendo Switch, and on PC via Steam.

Following a band of mercenaries, who were caught up in the war and machinations of politicians around them, a strategy RPG. A core group of heroes tries to navigate shady dealings and plots while attempting to effect change for the better, especially on the island nation of DioField.

Keeping three moves ahead

I got the chance to check out early and played this section enticingly. I''ve not seen any of my full impressions here, but I''m amazed by how different it seemed.

This year, tactical RPGs aren''t just interested in, with fresh entries likeand the revival of classics, supplying ample fodder for strategy enthusiasts.stands out by taking a real-time strategy spin on the RPG concept, which allows units to move in real-time on the field.

Mix in some interesting class variations and some tightly designed arenas to fight in, and everything works pretty well. In a verymanner, the player may even retreat to a house base and chat with friends, build up base buildings, and purchase upgrades.

If you like a little tweak in your RPG, then it''s worth taking a shot. Demon is now out, and the entire game is out on September 22.

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