S02E04 Cast Reveal Teaser: Cody Fern & More in American Horror Stories

S02E04 Cast Reveal Teaser: Cody Fern & More in American Horror Stories

As we take a turn towards Ryan Murphy''s Installment 2, we have a fresh cast reveal teaser to share. Right off the bat, Cody Fern is unlikely to be sold on the episode! Addison Timlin, Julia Schlaepfer, Seth Gabel, and Ian Sharkey are among the players to join the cast.

Check out the latest cast reveal teaser for Hulu''s Season 2, S02E04 "Milkmaids" (written by Our Lady J): for your official confirmation on who will be awaiting your arrival to the village.

Welcome to the village. Let us know about it. Episode 4 of FX''s American Horror Stories is only available on @hulu. #AHStories pic.twitter.com/kpITk4rJYf

AmericanHorrorStory (@AHSFX) September 10, 2022

John Landgraf, the head of FX Networks, was able to deliver the news that Ryan Muphy and Brad Falchuk planned to come to FX screens this fall. "It''s one subject, one story, and a beginning," Landgraf said of Season 11''s concept, adding that it''s a lot different from the previous ones. "I think it''s really cool."

Here''s how many people are expected to join Season 11 from Lindsay Lohan to Sarah Paulson (who said previously that they might sit out this season). However, the site has released some great photographs of filming on Ninth Street (btw First Ave and Second Ave) as well as some era-appropriate vehicles on the street. Make sure to check them out here.

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