What is the song today for168? Heardle's answer today for the 11th August?

What is the song today for168? Heardle's answer today for the 11th August?

The Heardle answer for today, the 11th August, comes to an end with the dawn of a new day.

Heardle is a music game influenced by Wordle - where instead of guessing a word, you hear the opening of a song, with each failed guess expanding the preview to help you solve the title and artist you encountered.

If you fail to know once you have heard the full preview, then you''ll break your streak - which is why learning today''s Heardle answer is so important for players, especially as some song intros are more difficult.

Once you have solved the Heardle for today, are you interested in learning more about music in games? We have interviewed Remute, a tech producer who creates retro consoles, and discussed what Debussy can do about mood in games.

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Clues for today''''s Heardle answer

Instead of going straight to the answer, you may only need a few tips to get you past the norm:

  • This song is a ballad.
  • The artist who wrote this song is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time.
  • This song''''s title consists of two words - one of which can be used to describe a time of day.
  • This song was released in 1977.

Still uncertain? Read on for the answer.

On the 11th August and 2022, the Heardle answer for song 168

Still lacking these clues, even with the above ones, and hoping to keep the streak going?

Eric Clapton''s Heardle answer for today is wonderful Tonight, which he wrote on his 1977 album, Slowhand. Below, you may give it a listen.

Now you have the answer, but don''t spoil it for others! Remember, you may share your results spoiler-free in the form of a grid.

No one has to know you came to this page to complete the work. Perhaps put in two or three false judgments first to remove them from the scent, though?

Want to learn more about Heardle ahead of the next answer?

Heardle is perhaps the most well-known inspiration of Wordle, the word game, that saw millions of players check in every day within months of its arrival in late 2021.

The most significant evolution in Heardle''s history is its purchase by Spotify for an unveiled sum in July 2022.

While Heardle remains free and the game itself has remained unchanged, there has been a few changes, including a shift from SoundCloud as its player of choice to Spotify, which now allows players to listen to the entire track once the game has concluded.

It''s this, in part, why Spotify was interested in Heardle. "We are always looking for innovative and engaging ways to furtheren music discovery and assist musicians reach new fans," said Spotify''s global head.

However, it hasn''t been a smooth transition, although the game is only available in certain countries immediately following the acquisiton (UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) and that players have reported streaks disappearing.

Wordle, for those who do not know, went through something similar - with streaks resetting for some players following its purchase by the New York Times.

Spotify has criticised the game''s "and other interactive experiences" to "allow music lovers to connect more intimately with artists and challenge friends, as well as have some fun in the process."

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