Puzzle 418 Hints, Clues, andSolution are all covered in today's Wordle answer (August 11th, 2022)

Puzzle 418 Hints, Clues, andSolution are all covered in today's Wordle answer (August 11th, 2022)

Even today''s Wordle answer for August 11th, 2022, can provide some important information.

Although the solution to Puzzle 418 isn''t found in daily conversation very often, it''s a word that comes up in media analysis - particularly in sports - and news reporting relatively often. It''s possible that some people will not have heard it or know what it means, so it''s quite challenging as Wordle''s words go.

The letters it outlines are relatively easy once you know what youre doing. Even if there are some clever consonants, there are many options to get rid of.

There are no big doubles to consider, but what you should look out for are certain words that match your answer and might be a drag on your last guess.

Weve developed a list of Wordle solutions for the 11th and 2022 to help you win over the opponents. We have also updated our database of previous Wordle solutions so you know what you have already done.

Clues and hints for Today''''s Wordle Answer

If the letters don''t fit in Wordle, then you have to take a look at all of the information you have available and make an informed decision, even if it''s not that helpful to start with.

There are two Wordle tips for the 11th and 2022, as long as a small nudge is effective.

Your clues for Puzzle 418 are:

  • The answer contains 2 different vowels that are next to each other in the word
  • The first 2 letters spell out the internet domain country code for Greenland
  • The last 2 letters spells out the indefinite article that goes before a words that start with a vowel (the article that goes before words that start with a consonant is a)

When youe struggling to come up with an answer in Wordle, it may be helpful to look at what you have learned more recently. Below are a few examples of the previous month, and you''ll be surprised how often the same letters arrive. Despite the fact that none of the exact same words will appear again, they are still beneficial for clearing difficult letters.

  • #387 Madam July 11
  • #388 Night July 12
  • #389 Bland July 13
  • #390 Liver July 14
  • #391 Wedge July 15
  • #392 Roomy July 16
  • #393 Wacky July 17
  • #394 Flock July 18
  • #395 Angry July 19
  • #396 Trite July 20
  • #397 Aphid July 21
  • #398 Tryst July 22
  • #399 Midge July 23
  • #400 Power July 24
  • #401 Elope July 25
  • #402 Cinch July 26
  • #403 Motto July 27
  • #404 Stomp July 28
  • #405 Upset July 29
  • #406 Bluff July 30
  • #407 Cramp July 31
  • #408 Quart August 1
  • #409 - Coyly - August 2
  • #410 - Youth - August 3
  • #411 - Rhyme - August 4
  • #412 - Buggy - August 5
  • #413 - Alien - August 6
  • #414 - Smear - August 7
  • #415 - Unfit - August 8
  • #416 - Patty - August 9
  • #417 - Cling - August 10

Todays Wordle Answer August 11th

Today, the Wordle answer is glean.

glean, who appeared in English before the 14th century, has an interesting etymology, assuming that the metaphorical meaning would have made the switch earlier than the practical one.

glean meant first collecting the remainder grains in the field during harvesting before taking on the secondary, metaphorical approach of scraping together or gathering with strain. In Old French, where the word has its roots, glean meant first gathering the leftover grains in the field during harvesting.

This demonstrates how a metaphorical extension, where a word takes on new meanings based on a figurative sense of the original meaning, is not only a common form of word change in English, but many other languages.

The text also shows how changes in this way can remain relevant long after their intended purpose have died out. The sense of gleaning crops from a field has long become obsolete, but the figurative significance has been preserved.

Why not try out these Wordle alternatives to enhance your vocabulary?

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