At auction, Matt Baker is an emotional jubilee

At auction, Matt Baker is an emotional jubilee

St. John Publications had a lot of success with such repackaging, as they went back to the technique often. In 1952, many of them included all picture and "All True," but each one had a cover price of 25 cents. However, none of them were quite straightforward to obtain, and you have an incredibly rare chance to get an (St. John, 1952) condition: GD- as well as the other Baker-related St. John reboundsup for auction in the 2022 August 11 Heritage Auction

When a copy was purchased at an auction by Dark Adventure Comics shortly before, it went "straight through the roof," according to Michael Browning, the winner''s bidder. In the 23 years since then, only two copies have been graded by CGC. The one at auction here is an ungraded raw copy. There are also eight copies of the issue on the census.

According to Browning''s original opinion on the issue, the issue includes "all-Baker reprints from" this is another case for which expert opinion has varied. Many collectors believe it''s a Baker cover, while others disagree. This one is also a little trickier than most to identify stylistically because it''s basically a portrait shot, without any of the clues that full-body drawings can provide. That said, this cover may also include the earmarks of interior panel art that has been

In the October 10, 1949 issue of, the company was slated to launch the first of its planned "picture novels" around December 30 of that year. However, it seems unlikely that that was either published at the time, or the schedule for the changes has been met.

Given what we can deduce about Baker''s workload at St. John, it appears that his regular comics assignment levels were substantially altered by late 1949. However, by the time that was done and scheduling became normal as 1951 approached, Archer St. John and editor Marion McDermott unquestionably understood that Baker was their star. This incident appeared to be significant, but there might be a chance that Baker would have requested a Baker cover. However, other factors may always come into play.

What sets the other stand-offs among these 1952 St. John giants? While this one appears to have some undisputed Bakerish elements, there is also something else on it here. Although this one does appear to be gaining traction among Baker collectors, this one is unlikely to be true. There are only four copies on the CGC census.

In the run-up to this auction, these 1952 St. John giants are difficult to get and desirable, and there is an (St. John, 1952) condition: GD- and the other 1952 St. John rebounds up for auction. Bleeding Cool is continuing a deep dive into Matt Baker''s comic book work, which is ongoing throughout the process. They can also check out their FAQ on the bidding process and related matters.

Condition: GD-.Perhaps the most rare of Matt Baker comics, we had only seen one copy prior to this, and that was sometime back in 2006! In fact, this book was so scarce that the Overstreet Price Guide was even aware that it existed and added its value to the Guide! Baker cover and art. Contains 100 pages. There is a 2" piece missing from the bottom of the spine. Overstreet 2022 GD 2.0 value = $77.

The first copy of Heritage has ever seen of issue #2 is Overstreet 2022 GD 2.0 value = $45; VG 4.0 value = $90. CGC census 8/22: 2 in 3.0, 2 higher.

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