Will Tony Khan and AEW #RestoreTheSnyderverse at Warner Bros?

Will Tony Khan and AEW #RestoreTheSnyderverse at Warner Bros?

NJPW, Impact Wrestling, and Shark Week have already crossed over. Could Zack Snyder''s Snyderverse become the next Forbidden Door for WWE? Will AEW and Warner Bros Discover #RestoreTheSnyderverse? The answer may shock and surprise you.

The Snyder Cut, a remake of the film that restored Snyder, was reimagined as a comedy but was canceled at the box office by Warner Bros., with a set of fake feministJoss Whedon. The movie, which ended the year in a shambles, was eventually reinstated, and the directors were paid the ultimate price. After a hard-fought campaign, the Snyder Cut was eventually removed from HBO Max last year. Joss Whedon was forced to withdraw

There isn''t going to be a lot of fun for some Snyderbronies, which requires fans to stop laughing because they''ve "living in a dangerous dream world" because they "do not "embezzle money from their corporations" or "commit any offenses." And that''s why all Snyderbronies must demand that Warner Bros Discovery #RestoreTheSnyderverse and rehire Zack Snyder to produce additional films.

Following the merger, CEO David Zazlav makes total alpha moves like killing CNN+, canceling because he feels like it, and slowly moving forward with. In an interview with television Insider, Khan questioned AEW''s relationship with the new regime:

I''m extremely pleased with the feedback from Warner Bros. Discovery, which has been the most effective partnership we''ve ever received, and the addition of AEW to its major initiatives. It was also a pleasure to have AEW share their experiences with the company as a whole. It was an exceptional experience for everyone involved in the program, as it became the company''s key partner. We are also pleased with their commitment to the company.

Khan advanced to the point that AEW is once again collaborating with Warner Bros Discovery, and this time for a well-known IP:

For such a hands-on, capable, and respected management team to have identified AEW many times in their presentation is something that is important. I''m seeing it like that on a daily basis. Since the Shark Week integration was so great success, we''re working on another huge partnership that I''m very excited about in terms of creativity and a hugely prestigious IP that we''re being trusted to partner with. It''s because we have demonstrated that we can do a great job with integrations and be flexible and

Is this IP more prestigious than the Snyderverse? As diehard Snyderbronies, we can only hope that the AEW Dynamite and the Snyderverse are going to crossover, with grimdark DC villains appearing on AEW television shows and snapping the necks of AEW wrestlers (which would be a legal move in the AEW Snyderverse). However, this is the most promising sign for the Snyderverse''s return to prominence since the Snyder Cut itself.

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