A New Release On Facebook Gaming Is Call Of Antia

A New Release On Facebook Gaming Is Call Of Antia

FunPlus and Facebook Gaming have launched a game on the platform for anyone to play directly. The match-three title has worked great on mobile devices, and now you can learn the game online by FG whether you''re just playing by yourself or streaming it live. The following are some new additions and details, which we have for you below. The new Tournament of Valor, as well as brand new heroes joining the fray!

Valuables Tournament

Players who register in the ''Tournament of Valor'' are eligible for special items such as Honor Tokens, gold, or ascension materials. The event will last until May 16, allowing players to face this challenging boss over the weekend and check their status on the leaderboard. Dragoneers can also compete in their groups and be ranked according to the highest damage in a single challenge.

The brand-new heroes of Samol and Jale

With his powerful skill ''Brutal Hammering'' and his exclusive weapon ''Eyes of Fury,'' Antia will have two new heroes to play for a limited-time until May 25. Jake unleashes his power with his hero skill ''Deadly Smile'' and fights with his exclusive weapon ''Gray Smile.''

New Artifacts System

A fresh artifacts system is also being introduced, incorporating rare items that can be obtained in special events such as Tournament of Valor. These artifacts are activated automatically when obtained, and their effects are applied during battle. Artifact Crystals that may be altered via special events.

''Bloody Glory'' is a new quest event that takes place in the United States.

''Bloody Glory'' is now available until May 25. Dragoneers may contest the quests and obtain special equipment which can be used to redeem many rewards, including hero upgrade equipment.

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