For November, Berger Books has announced the Salamandre by I.N.J. Culbard

For November, Berger Books has announced the Salamandre by I.N.J. Culbard

In November, Dark Horse Comics and Berger Books announced a new OGN:. Kaspar Salamanre is sent to a place "where flowers are contraband, music is illegal, and art is created in hiding," according to the administration.

From the press release, here''s a list of suggestions for a more current version.

Kaspar Salamandre is a demented young artist who is arranged to stay with his enigmatic grandfather who lives in the Iron Veila valley, where flowers are contraband, music is unlawful, and art is created in hiding. In this foreign country, Kaspar seeks to heal his demise by discovering a world of art revolutionaries, espionage, and the Secret Policewho are not what they appear.

Ultimately, his search for answers brings him face to face with the meaning of sacrifice. But will anything come him closer to overcome his loss?

Culbard had to say the following things:

Being an artist is primarily about writing what you think. In addition to what happened, a confabulation blossoms with each retellinga story, transforming a factual truth into a universal one. I took an event from one sunny summer afternoon in my own life, made it the final, and then worked backwards through my story, utilizing the jigsaw puzzle of my own memories growing up on both sides of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War as a foundation for this contemporary world.

Karen Berger is a noted speaker in a press release, and while we normally have a rule about editors if Bleeding Cool fails to hire one to correct our articles, then they must not care enough for us to print their quotes, too, however, we''ll make an exception for Berger:

I was blown away when I first heard I.N.J.''s stunning graphic novel, which was inspired by Tintin''s unusual adventures as a kid. It has a real European comics feelkind of like an off-beat Tintin, dramatic vistas, triggered by underlying political danger. It''s about love, and the power that memory and stories have over us. It''s about I.N.J. Culbard''s incredible storytelling ability, and I''m so excited

The luxurious softcover will be available in comic shops on November 2, 2022, and in bookstores on November 15, 2022 for $24.99.

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