More Fun Comics #45, by Siegel and Shuster's Radio Squad at auction

More Fun Comics #45, by Siegel and Shuster's Radio Squad at auction

), a cover-dated July 1939 (and on the newsstands that June) hit the newsstands at an interesting time for DC Comics and the comic book publishing world at the time. was on issue #15 at the time, having just introduced Sandman that month, and nevertheless had only initially turned towards serious adventure covers for a few issues by this time. (DC, 1939) Condition: Apparent GD is currently available for auction at Heritage Auctions on June 15-16

The cover of a mountaineer being attacked by a bear on by artist J.R. Flanagan does not reveal any specific interior story from this issue. Like most Flanagan''s six covers for the title from 1939, it''s simply a basic adventure cover. However, it''s the Radio Squad story by Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster that highlights this issue. In the same year, Radio Squad has been dubbed "Calling All Cars."

The mid-1939 magic moment during which the vibrant comic book field evolved from a lengthy collection of titles into a diverse industry. A good example of this history can be found on Heritage Auctions, including (DC, 1939) Condition: Apparent GD will be available for auction at the 2022 May 15-16 Sunday & Monday auctions.

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