Comic designers respond to Queen Elizabeth II's death

Comic designers respond to Queen Elizabeth II's death

So, as I was doing an interactive version of At Wembley Park in the United Kingdom from Secret Cinema, I learned of the news, and learned after hours of good cheers, swag, and making of Ravager friends-for-life, Wembley Stadium in the following fashion, which is the first time I have ever learned significant world news from a football pitch.

I am an ideological republican but a pragmatic monarchist. While I consider the concept of a royal family ridicule and dangerous, I temper that with the benefit they do for the country on the world stage, and how they absolutely make up for any of their financial expenses with the money they receive from them. With the USA, China, and Japan becoming more fascinated by them, the Queen performed a fantastic double act with Paddington, and the new King Charles III loves Spike Milligan so he can''t be that bad.

I''d return on the tube and the bus that I didn''t use the Elizabeth Line, but I did use the Jubilee. Even though I understand that there was a massive vigil at Buckingham Palace, the rest of London just got on with things, no one really cared, unless they had a joke or two to make.

How are comic book designers reacting to the news of Queen Elizabeth II''s appointment, alongside the Queen Consort, who will probably be named Queen Camilla by everyone well,? The Americans are sharing sympathies and memories. And the Brits are making jokes.

Queen Elizabeth''s Rest in Peace. Rob Liefeld

Cully Hamner: Whatever one considers of the monarchy, the lady herself was living history. RIP, Queen Elizabeth II, who admired everything.

Billy Tucci:God Save The King. You have a lot of shoes to fill. #QueenElizabeth #Queen

Josh Adams: It''s almost been my worst year of my life. Terrible loss, bittersweet success, but it''s also a weird year for the whole world. Many generations have lived their lives till this date with Queen Elizabeth as the ever-present monarch of the United Kingdom. The world now begins a new chapter. RIP.

Patch Zircher: I haven''t had much to say about Queen Elizabeth II''s passing, except that she seemed pretty nice.

Simon Williams: That''s exactly how I''ve felt today. Queen Elizabeth, please let us rest in peace.

"Giant leaps often start with small steps," Brad Meltzer says. Queen Elizabeth II

Monarchy is unquestionable, and the United Kingdom is a colonialist nightmare, according to Tim Hanley, but the queen had a strong time.

Valerie D''Orazio: What an incredible day. At least I got to share a pint with the construction workers over the Queen.

Fredrik Malmberg: I am not a royalist, but I am truly admiring Queen Elizabeth.

Nancy Collins: The Queen Is Endangered. Long Live The King

Chris Claremont: The Queen (Liz-2) has passed, and God Bless Her. It''s true that an era has come to an end.

Joe Harris: I''m not a fan of mean-spirited posts about Queen Elizabeth. Snark, fine. But mean? There aren''t the fadling Sex Pistols.

Ty Templeton: On the occasion of her visit to Canada in the 70s, she posed for my martial arts/movement troupe. She offered me a punch from a hip flask of something alcoholic. I now regret it. She always called me "Sven," but she said she wanted to be remembered, and she was a funny broad.

Paul Gravett:I can hear a church bell ringing and all flags will be going to half mast. Elizabeth II has been there right now, symbolically, since the big Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Until right now, the end of an era, and a time now to reflect, reflect and respect.

Emma Frost is fine, according to Kieron Gillen.

John Reppion: The idea of having a monarch in the 21st century has never been more clear, as everyone with historical concerns with England now thinks about the dead Queen, as if she was solely responsible for everything, and now that she has gone, it''s a vengeance.

Andy Khouri: I''d like to see one of those celebrities-in-heaven pieces with Queen Elizabeth and Leslie Nielsen. One thing I liked about the Queen was that she had stopped receiving new Corgis for a while because she knew she would die soon, and she did not want dogs left without someone to handle them properly. She loved animals and loved being feeding rude.

Ben Templesmith: Has CNN or any US news channel bothered to ask for their reactions from other countries that had the British queen as head of state? I think Canada, Australia, etc are just beginning to being "less than a nation" to be thought of when *their head of state* dies. It''s disturbing. And there''s no one suspicious of the new UK Prime Minister being one of the last people to see the Queen alive? It''s unclear.

Jim Dougan: I''m not sure how all of this succession equipment works, but I''m aware that Leah Williamson is now Queen.

The Queen went by in person for the first time in London in 2019; darick Robertson was on her way to parliament to speak on Brexit.

Ed Brisson: When do King and Queen auditions begin? I believe that I have a lot of fun to share.

Chuck Satterlee: The Queen is dead. Long-live the King. But he is 73 too soon?

Duncan Jones: It''s a very odd experience to hear the Queen''s passing away. I hope all those closest to her who required to say their goodbyes were able to. Now the UK starts a new era or maybe it doesn''t.

Ryan Stegman: I''ve just started a store. You may buy books online from me! What a day! Also, if you sign up for a paid sub on @klcpress, you can get a discount! VANISH books! Marvel books!

Ryan the queen has just died, according to Donny Cates. Showing some respect

Ryan Stegman: I''m the queen now baby. STEGWORLD''s queen

David Roach: It''s a sad day, and even if I''d rather not express the injustices of the monarchy today, I''m not particularly sure how to feel, and constantly informed about the Queen''s death. It''s very difficult to say that the "Britain is the great country it is today because of her," but that''s it, for family and friends. Unlike the other Liz, she was a scientist, historian, politician, and historian. I''ll happily remember her as today

Ilias Kyriazis: Ok enough with the medieval fantasy bullshit you keep posting! First it''s about some dragons, then elves now it''s about a queen or something(?) It''s 2022 and this is the real world.

Liam Sharp: It''s difficult to believe the Queen has died. I was starting to believe she was actually immortal! I''ve never been a royalist or anything like that, but it''s a long and diverse life.

Terry Overall: "Weird feeling isn''t it? Most of my life is fairly ambivalent about the Royals, but I''m actually quite dissatisfied. Most of those who saw this happen the last time, are gone. Living in a historic moment.

Gary Frank: Yeah, it''s strange. On the one hand, institutionally, she''s a relic of some demeaning parts of our history while, personally, she evokes much of what makes me feel affection for the United Kingdom. It''s now the Britain of Farage, Johnson, food banks, and Tufton St.

Knowing that people on the Queen and the Monarchy will have to see weeks of takes, Joe Eisma says.

Abraham Josephine Riesman: I''m seeing evidence that the Queen was converted to Judaism on her deathbed, which means that all of her students are now Jewish. All hail the new Khazar Empire.

Josh Trujillo! It''s supposed to be a blow, but the title of "Queen Consort" sounds kinda sexy and fun.

Jon Moisan: The economy is so bad that Prince Charles must get his first job at the age of 73.

Tony Lee: The Queen has died at the age of 96. It''s odd to say. She''s been a part of my life since she was born. Every coin, stamp, and note has her face on it. As her family became an episode of Eastenders, she kept quiet and considerate. Sure, she made mistakes. We all do it. Ma''am, please keep an eye on the moment.

Tyler Crook: I''m just hearing about the queen of England. What a shame. Does anyone have a connection to her family''s fund me?

Grace Randolph: An incredible run and legacy which will become even more evident as England transitions to a new King RIP Queen Elizabeth.

Andrew Wheeler: The Queen has a wholeheartedly agreed that she will not meet any additional Conservative Prime Ministers.

Ramzee:I''m not interested in a King. Can we conclude the monarchy now, please?

The Right Wing Royalists would not have done this at a better time, so it will not even be open to serious discussion (as it might have been if the Queen had died, 10 or 15 years ago), but the flag will be waving. They''ll say how even the Queen had to "muck in" and "tighten her belt" during the war, "and that''s what Alice, who is 87, will be doing this winter. But in a freezing council flat."

Ramzee: It''s a very interesting time. Her successors aren''t particularly well loved or respected, and Britain has never been more divided as it enters one of its most difficult periods in over 40 years. The right wing press might use this death as a pacifier, but the concerns are too large.

John Reppion''s death marks the unfavorable conclusion of an era that, in truth, ended long ago. But the loss of that link to the rose tinted fantasy of the good old days and "proper" England will spur the Right into overdrive, according to me. It''s going to be demoralizing.

Ramzee: Yes. I saw this tweet and it made me think that we have a difficult time on the market that might force people to protest etc. This death and the extravaganza of a coronation might possibly be a distraction for quite a percentage of the population. Quite a % of the time it didn''t even concern me how much much a state funeral and coronation is going to cost, however the taxpayer has really been getting a hammering the last three years, with

Scott McCloud: RussiaPowers of Czar without the title. EgyptPowers of Pharaoh without the title. Title without power = better. Keep holding back it, United Kingdom.

Ah, finding the money for a big funeral and a coronation will be no difficulty for John Reppion. No problem at all.

Who will be the first pop culture site to headline the headline: "Queen Elizabeth, of both Marvel and DC Comics, died."

I was tempted.

Tom Peyer: On my bingo card for 2022, I didn''t have the Queen staking all over Disney Plus Day.

JohnLayman: Probably a blessing Her Majesty did not stay long enough to be depressed by today''s @tompeyer remarks.

"I''ll be dead before a live action Disney''s Pinocchio is released," says Tom Brennan. Queen Elizabeth, 1985

G Willow Wilson: Will she be out against Manchester in the Europa League due to the Queen''s death? The broadcaster has been hampered.

Chris Burnham: Wait I assumed the queen died in the same way as 1986.

Ben Templesmith: I guess I''ll have a medieval styled funeral before Prince Charles'' coronation. I agree with this notion. However, royalty is only worth it if some other bloke comes in and usurp. The last of the Plantagenets is an Australian. It''s time to sue the claim.

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