CORSAIR Reveals Ultra-Thin K100 Air Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

CORSAIR Reveals Ultra-Thin K100 Air Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The K100 Air Wireless keyboard was unveiled by CORSAIR this week. It is a pretty cool design as it is one of the most powerful keyboards they have ever used that retains the gaming features that people want to get to them, while also being significantly lighter for everyday use. However, no price point has been placed on it, but it will be released on October 4th, 2022.

The K100 AIR is perfect for any desktop or workstation, with its incredible thin frame and a clean, minimalist design. Hyper-responsive CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical keyswitches provide the satisfying, tactile, and reliable keystrokes that users require, without the height of a full-sized keyswitch. The keyboard''s long-lasting battery gives you an incredible 50 hours of life with backlighting, so you may go more than a week at a time.

With the help of AES 128-bit encryption, the K100 AIR is absolutely customizable, with up to 20 keystrokes on your PC, tablet, and display. A powerful CORSAIR iCUE software allows you to remap key events, program macros, and customize your CORSAIR RGB setup from one simple intuitive touch. With a patented aluminum volume roller, the AIR provides a unique competitive and stylistic advantage to elevate your work and play.

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