Thisautumn, Disney Dreamlight Valley will leave you down for a Toy Story realm

Thisautumn, Disney Dreamlight Valley will leave you down for a Toy Story realm

With the establishment of a Toy Story realm, Disney Dreamlight Valley has just begun.

At the moment, it''s D23, the Disney event which will feature a wide spectrum of upcoming films, television shows, merch, and games owned by the media organization. Considering Disney Dreamlight Valley literally only launched this week it''s a bit of a surprise that new content has already been announced, but either way, there''s a Toy Story realm that will be added to the game this autumn.

The realm in action is unveiled in a kid room, although it doesn''t seem to be Andy''s room particularly, as your player character will be shrunk down to get a toy''s perspective. The trailer reveals a couple of new outfits that your character will be able to wear, one of which is a Woody-themed cowperson outfit, and another a themed Buzz that looks like something you''d wear in your Space Command downtime.

What you''ll actually be doing in this new world hasn''t been revealed yet, but generally, spending time with a couple of toys has never done any harm unless the toy is called Chucky.

Woody and Buzz were already in the base game, but outside of the toy-themed realm they are literally toy-sized, making this new realm a fun way to hang out with the cowboy and space ranger without the danger of running on them.

D23 also featured a hefty lineup of Disney Illusion Island, a Rayman Legends-like co-op platformer that''s now available on Nintendo Switch. In a World War two setting, uncharted director Amy Hennig''s next game has been officially revealed, starring Captain America and Black Panther, while the latter being an earlier incarnation of T''Challa.

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