In an unfinished animatedshort, Overwatch 2's next hero leaks

In an unfinished animatedshort, Overwatch 2's next hero leaks

The next hero that would be announced for Overwatch 2 has been leaked via a previously unfinished animated short.

Obviously, if you don''t want to know anything about this unconfirmed hero before it''s officially revealed, stop reading here, but if you''re not fussed, be our guest!

Two new characters have been confirmed to be coming to Overwatch 2, who was also accidentally revealed through a leak, and Junker Queen, who managed to avoid the leak treatment. However, for Kiriko, the name of the newest spirit-fox hero, her revelation comes through another leak this time of an animated short, although it is not quite finished.

Kuriboh cervantes, a YouTube channel, apparently obtained their hands on an unfinished, Spanish version of a cinematic that looks pretty damn real. However, who knows how they got it, although the video has unsurprisingly been removed. This revelation also reflects what was earlier in the description, which apparently appears to be quite valid.

Kiriko has the ability to teleport and healing abilities, although it is unknown how this role plays into the game.

Kiriko, who is expected to play the next character, would be Overwatch''s 35th hero, but the bad news is that she might be locked behind the game''s battle pass. Ideally, purchasing the premium battle pass would reportedly unlock her immediately, but everyone else will have to get on the grind to play as the new character, which may be a complete way to do things.

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