Jon Snow, directed by Kit Harington, has to become a regular season in Game of Thrones

Jon Snow, directed by Kit Harington, has to become a regular season in Game of Thrones

The prequel series is probably the largest in the world today, with over 10 million viewers. Again, fans would like a sequel: a series that follows Jon Snow (Kit Harington) after the opening of the original program. But here''s an interesting fact: it should be a sitcom called.

Hear us out. We''re already getting the meanies, the double-dealing, the betrayals, the incest, and the infighting for the throne on House of the Dragons. At the end of the game, the throne itself is no longer. It was melted down, and everyone who deserved to die is gone. Jon Snow is chillin'' up there with Tormund and his Wildling buddies. SITCOM!

Why Can''''t There be a Game of Thrones Sitcom?

Jon Snow and his buddy Tormund Giantsbane would be roommates at an all-time high, so there is a laugh track. It would be about the absurdity of modern North Wall life, and it''s spring again. Sometimes, or always, they would have to face their way out of a stressful situation, because, "YOU KNOW NOTHINGS, JON SNOW!" Wash, rinse, repeat.

Despite the fact that Jon Snow and Tormund were out of a row, the weekly whoopsie continues the tradition of bad things happening at the worst moments, only this time for farce and comedy. It would save the network money while focusing on fan favourites like Arya and Sansa. It also increases the capacity of the actors to be flexible in terms of budget and budget. It also increases the possibility of a win-win for HBO!

No, would you rather stick to horrible people being serious, gruesome violence, incest, gratuitous sex, and sexism that is continuing? Is that what audiences expect from the ground up? Oh well, we tried. We''re, really, no better than the worst studio executive here, with an MBA and no creative bone in their body here, unfortunately.

To fill your Game of Thrones jones, you can get them on HBO.

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