The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Astral Radiance Part 48: Hoothoot CHR

The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Astral Radiance Part 48: Hoothoot CHR

The first major series set of 2022 was released in May 2022. Radiant Pokemon are similar to Shining Pokemon of the past, although they include a holofoil and texture on the figure rather than the background. Today, we continue with the Trainer Gallery subset from the previous set.

These three Character Rares depict Pokemon with their Trainers, illustrated in a Full Art style without employing the etched texture of a standard Full Art. Today''s selections include:

In this character rare illustrated byGOSSAN, Galarian Obstagoon looks like it''s singing something off of. This Dark-type Pokemon is depicted on stage, waving into a microphone with its trainer, Piers.

Bronzong appears on a stunning card, which uses a grey stony background to make the matching pastel colors of Pokemon and trainer stand out. Jasmine is the patron of Olivine Gym, according to Bronzong.

Hoothoot''s Character Rare is illustrated byHYOGONOSUKE, who makes this card stand out by letting Hoothoot be so small in the scene. What I love seeing this card in person is how the gleaming foil gives space all over the card to shine beautifully.

Stay tuned for the next scheduled trip through. Click the tag below to see more from this series. Next time, this journey will include the Trainer Gallery section of the set.

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