Thomas Ian Griffith on Sean Kanan's Return to Cobra Kai S05

Thomas Ian Griffith on Sean Kanan's Return to Cobra Kai S05

Fans thought about 1989''s would be an understatement, as most think it is the weakest chapter in the franchise. Two of the franchise''s breakout stars were Thomas Ian Griffith and Sean Kanan, who played villains, and Terry Silver and Mike Barnes, who would have resurrected in the Valley since 2007. Season five of would see Terry''s martial arts expansion unfold under unexpected circumstances following Terry''s dojo''''s victory at the karate tournament. Griffith spoke to Bleeding Cool. The following contains significant

Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) are looking to see how Terry will take over the Valley with his Cobra Kai dojo expansion, but they discover that his former student is still in townoperating a furniture store, confusing the language they use along the way for the comedic effect. After having second thoughts, Daniel escapes, and Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) saves him from their defeat. Daniel would defend his title in the tournament final.

"I''m so glad it made the season so good for fans to come back to Terry," Griffith said. "I don''t know if Barnes would fit into Terry''s world, which I''m grateful they didn''t force it to happen." Season five of is currently available on Netflix.

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