In a 21,450-page book, One Piece Art Piece combines all volumes

In a 21,450-page book, One Piece Art Piece combines all volumes

With a new 21,450-page One Piece book, it is literally impossible to read, and is actually more of a design project. It can also double as a weapon to attack your evil robotic doppelganger on the head with a One Piece collection. Each copy will cost $1920.30, according to Actualitte.

The One Piece sculpture includes all of the current volumes of One Piece. The books spine is adorned with large-format illustrations from the series. It can be used as bookends, or as a larger piece of decor if you have enough space on your bookshelf.

The 1900 euros does not include shipping, though JBE Books will ship it worldwide from France. JBE Books requests requests via email. The books dimensions are 12 x 18.5 x 80 centimeters (4.7 x 7.2 x 31) and weigh 17 kilograms (about 38 lbs.).

Although it might be possible to lay the book on the spine to flip through the pages, Manouach did not make it with the intention of people reading it. Manouach''s webpage notes that this piece symbolizes the materialization of digital comics very own media-saturated digital ecosystem. One Piece exists only as an object of pure speculation.

The 21,450-page art piece is available on JBE Books. Six people have placed their orders as of the day of writing, meaning there are 44 volumes left. Manouach may have a second-person piece when it finishes its final arc.

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