Indican Pictures' Exclusive Carp-e Diem Action-Thriller Exclusive Clip

Indican Pictures' Exclusive Carp-e Diem Action-Thriller Exclusive Clip

The Indican Pictures film, which is now available on-demand this September 13th, has been given a sneak peek at the film directed by Andrew Arguello and MJ Palo, who earn numerous awards, including the ''Outstanding Achievement Award'' in the ''Best Film'' category at the Black Swan International Film Festival, for their thriller television miniseries, the ''Festival Award'' at the American Golden Picture International Film Festival.

Natasha (Emily Sweet, ) and Vern (Nick Josten, ) are living in a rural house after accidentally killing the couple. Their intention to stay away for a few days and leave the property quickly changes when they discover a closet full of cocaine.

Natasha and Vern are deciding to steal Martha and Bob''s identities and take over the pharmaceutical business. However, when the drug kingpin''s son keeps an eye on things, a nosy neighbor sees more than he should, the drug DEA is closing in on Martha and Bob, and Natasha is moving.

Holly Lorge (), James H. Jackson (), Chris Thigpen () and Lukas Silver will be available on Apple TV, YouTube, Google Play, and other platforms. When Carp-e Diem arrives on Demand on September 13, there will be a dangerous action thriller that involves dangerous drug scheming, and unexpected killings. Indican Pictures, a boutique entertainment company, was established in 2004 and has released over 300 films worldwide.

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