Here's how The Division Heartland's games play plays for the first time

Here's how The Division Heartland's games play plays for the first time

Ubisoft has released the first gameplay trailer for its next The Division game, The Division Heartland, as part of last night''s Ubisoft Forward presentation.

Heartland, a survival-action multiplayer shooter "set in small-town America within the Division universe" is currently available on PC, consoles, and cloud. While initially planned to launch in "2021-22," it was initially planned to launch in "2022-2023."

"This standalone free-to-play The Division game introduces new playable characters in a rural setting, far from the events in New York and Washington, D.C.," Ubisoft says, confirming that Red Storm is developing a "veteran team who has worked on the franchise since the first The Division game."

"Silver Creek was once a welcoming town in the American Midwest, but it was left in ruins as the dollar flu spreadd. Players will take on the role of loyal Division officers from across the country responding to an appeal for assistance.

"Fighting alongside and against other trained professionals, players will explore the secrets of Silver Creek and provide hope to what remains of small-town America."

Though the press release had been discontinued as soon as beta testing begin, Ubisoft is encumbing players to register their interest here. If you are indeed interested, head on over and sign up for future closed tests at the official website.

Ubisoft talks Assassin''s Creed Mirage from the Valhalla expansion to the standalone franchise celebration. The evening was dominated by teases for two blockbuster Assassin''s Creed projects, as well as a number of mobile game projects, though one is in China. Before all, there''s still next year''s Assassin''s Creed Mirage to look forward to.

We discovered that Assassin''s Creed Valhalla will be expanded to include a "Last Chapter" DLC, where Rayman will return to Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and Rainbow Six Mobile is in a closed beta. Oh, and two new crossover characters are on the way to Brawlhalla, a Smash Bros set.

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