Consoles and Cloud-Based Servers will be coming to Trackmania

Consoles and Cloud-Based Servers will be coming to Trackmania

Ubisoft announced during a livestream that it will go to consoles and cloud gaming after being released back in mid-2020, with people wondering when they will then release the game on other platforms. No word has been made on whether or not a Switch version will be released on these platforms in early 2023, and it will now include Cross-Play and Progression.

With this new addition, the community, which is currently over 10 million fans strong, will welcome new players to experience the full scope of the game''s features: they will race on some of the players'' 280,000 tracks since it was released two years ago, team-up with friends in the Royal and ranked game modes, receive new seasonal campaigns decreasing every three months, or dive into the Track editor, which allows players to gain access to their full imagination by providing tens of thousands of blocks and items for them to create the most extraordinary tracks ever

These premium access options will be available on all platforms to celebrate the console''s release. Unlike regular Esports events like the Cup Of the Day, these premium access offerings will include additional social and community-focused features like Trackmania clubs, allowing groups of players to customize their own cars, organize private rooms and even the ability to develop their own competitions.

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