Ben Kingsley, star of Wonder Man, wants to "surprise and refresh" his career

Ben Kingsley, star of Wonder Man, wants to "surprise and refresh" his career

The subject of speculation has gone public for two weeks. Sir Ben Kingsley, who is now an actor, is expected to reprise his role as Trevor Slattery in Destin Daniel Cretton () and writer-producer Andrew Guest''s () live-action role. However, Kingsley has done an excellent job of telling us Slattery''s story up until this point. Beginning with, Kingley''s Slattery was most recently seen in the Simu Liu-starring. Now, we

Kingsley was asked about his recent film at the Toronto International Film Festival for how he could present the news and returning to the role for the upcoming series. For his part, the award-winning actor avoided any possible spoilers, although he did not feel that early in the process. "I hope that I continue to constantly surprise and refresh," he said.

In #WonderMan on Disney+, Sir Ben Kingsley says of his return: "Our aim is to constantly surprise and refresh." | #VarietyStudio presented by @KingsHawaiian at #TIFF

Variety (@Variety) September 11, 2022

In October 1964, Wonder Man aka Simon Williams first appeared in The Avengers #9, but it was born out of a slew of other comics, including as a fan-favorite Avengers. For two reasons, Wonder Man would be able to become a fan favorite in the live-action series, though there are still many reasons to think about. Whether it be tag-teaming the local nightlife or being one of the other''s best bros, it was a skill that is sure viewers

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