In December, Pires & Salcedo introduced the only teenage wasteland at DH

In December, Pires & Salcedo introduced the only teenage wasteland at DH

The world is coming to an end in, with Curt Pires'' new Dark Horse comic and Jacoby Salcedo, which sounds like the perfect time to spend a day partying! This four-issue mini-series, which features Mark Dale on colors and Micah Myers on letters, will include a variant cover by Antonio Fuso.

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Javi, a Mexican-American high schooler, starts throwing a partyone that''ll entice him and his family into fame! Or at least get them noticed by their crushes. When things take a turn for the worse, Javi and his friends are thrust into a situation and future they might never have imagined.

We have to disagree on this question. What would better prepare someone for their very survival in a chaotic and unforgiving world than high school? Nevertheless, one can never go wrong by putting some teenage drama into the mix, probably because nobody in comics (we''re talking management, creative, and fandom) has ever emotionally matured beyond that age anyway.

In a press release, Curt Pires had to say about d: "It''s what he wrote."

I''m so excited to be back at Dark Horse sharing this story with Jacoby and our incredible team. I started my career ten years ago, when they agreed to publish POP and things have only improved. I think fans of my work new and old will be drawn into this huge world and mystery we''re building here. This is just the first of many more exciting collaborations to come between myself and Dark Horse.

Here''s what Jacoby Salcedo had to say.

It''s ONLY TEENAGE WASTELAND, which has been my most popular project I''ve ever undertaken, and it is packed with passion and understanding. It''s a mystery book but the book would not be what it is without our amazing colorist, Mark Dale, and sick letters from Michah Myers. I believe this book is for everyone, especially those who love great books!

Sick letters, man! will be available for $3.99 on December 7th, and you may preorder it online.

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