Long & Bosworth Shine to a Bloody Finish in House of Darkness

Long & Bosworth Shine to a Bloody Finish in House of Darkness

If you''re looking for more body count and less morality play theater experience, this is not the film for you. When Hap Jackson (Justin Long) believes she''ll find Mina Murray after she left a house from a cafe, the film is centered on their own self-doubt.

The film, directed by Neil LaBute (), is a deductive thriller based on the vast social commentary that has been consistent in his films since his debut in 1997. There are a lot of theories at play here about how common and harmful the characters of Long''s character are. Sometimes, when the two play off so well, it''s difficult to tell what is scripted and what might be improvised. Bosworth''s Mina''s stoic and collected presence gives an organic charm that flu

This is why Mina''s sisters are introduced especially with Lucy Murray from Gia Crovatin. It does not feel like a dramatic shift or even a "Good Cop, Bad Cop" scenario, but it added significance to the existing dialogue. Though any astute viewer may predict the ending within the first 10 minutes of the film, it is always about the end. I can forgive how the dialog can thwart at times because we''re still as an audience to two fleshed-out folks who are still attempting to

Despite the fact that the setting is a castle, the film is mostly inspired by the fact that its actors make the most of its small space. It''s also refreshing to see the actors involved in more aggressive performances, including the more comedic Long in a straighter and smarmy role, and the atypically serious Bosworth in a devilishly hilarious and playful one. The film, which also stars Lucy Walters, is now on theaters and on-demand on September 13th.

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