"Yes," James Gunn says of Harley Quinn's return to DCEU (But How & Where?)

"Yes," James Gunn says of Harley Quinn's return to DCEU (But How & Where?)

Gunn''s film, The Suicide Squad, and featuring Margot Robbie in its third season, became popular on Twitter, highlighting Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for making her stories. That''s why Gunn took the time to write and directed the film, which featured Margot Robbie, as the actor. So, when Gunn took to Twitter to commemorate Harley''s 30th anniversary and honored him with a "amazing pleasure to write, direct, and write stories for." And that''s where we saw

Gunn''s first tweet on Harley''s debut is a look:

Harley Quinn became available on the Batman: The Animated Series 30 years ago today. I am found an absolute delight to write, direct, and create stories for @Paul_Dini. pic.twitter.com/b1uP6HBx46 #HarleyQuinn pic.twitter.com/b1uP6HBx46

James Gunn (@JamesGunn) September 11, 2022

Gunn was asked if Harley Quinn would return to the DCEU from there, and Gunn was given the opportunity to say that the truth was true.


James Gunn (@JamesGunn) September 11, 2022

Gunn''s part was somewhat positive, although some might even jump to or a Harley Quinn spinoff film, but we''re generally honest, selfish and independent people. It''s also very nice to see a Harley Quinn limited series (with a regular series option) or how about the next season of HBO Max''s? If you look at the exchanges Robbie''s Harley might have with the rest of the team, then you''ll see it here.

While nothing official had been published at the time, Schumacker and Halpern talked about a fourth season with them, as well as their perceptions about it. However, the pair also got plenty of time to talk about on Noonan''s Bar, an famous hangout spot for some of Gotham''s seedier elements. Matt Oberg is resurrecting his role as Kite Man, with Schumacker, Halpern, Cuoco, and producer Dean Laurie.

"Noonan": With a series that finds Kite Man out on stage with his new girlfriend Golden Glider (Cathy Ang) Halpern and Schumacker are looking for a similar approach to the classic NBC sitcom, except the "everybody" who knows your name is made up of DCU''s "loser, D-list villains. "When they came to us, and they''re like, "Have you guys ever thought of a spinoff?" Halper said.

Season 4 and Beyond of "Harley Quinn": While Schumaker, Halpern, and Cuoco remain committed to the series as Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max remain committed. The series'' co-creators want to see future seasons run by other writers. "I would do the show as long as HBO Max and Warner Bros. plan to start the series. "Harley Quinn,'' but there are tens of thousands of characters that exist in the DC Universe that we can just keep going. "We want

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