What is the word today for450, according to Wordle's Monday, 12th September?

What is the word today for450, according to Wordle's Monday, 12th September?

Another day, another Wordle, with this page explaining the Wordle answer for today, 12th September.

Wordle''s goal is to create a daily five-letter word within six guesses. The less the guesses, the better, and if you fail to guess it at all, you''ll break your streak.

Because of the latter, working out today''s Wordle answer is such a priority, as players pride themselves on keeping their streak going. So why should you look at a risky final guess when you can learn a few clues and, failing that, get the definitive answer? This page can assist you with this.

Once you have the word today, are you interested in other word games? We have discussed the topic of authorship in the realm of Cyptic crosswords and Sudoku, and why The NYTimes Mini Crossword is a pleasure.

Clues for today''''s Wordle answer

Instead of going straight to the answer, you might only need a few suggestions to get you over the line:

  • There is a repeating letter in today''''s word - and this repeating letter is a vowel.
  • There is then an additional, non-repeating vowel to find - which is located at the end of the word.
  • Another letter is also one we''''d describe as very rare.
  • As for a definition of the word itself, it''''s an informal way of describe a type of drink.

Still not sure, but what you need to know.

On the 12th September and 2022, the Wordle deadline for word 450 has been announced.

Even with the above clues, I''m still not sure if you want to keep this streak going?

Today, the answer to Wordle is BOOZE.

Two vowels, one repeating, and the rare appearance of the letter ''Z'' were among the best times we have ever had a chance to get it within six days. Hope you did well today!

Now, you have the answer, but do not spoil it for others! Remember, you may share your results spoiler-free in the form of a grid.

No one has to know you arrived on this page to make it out. Perhaps you have put in two or three false assumptions first to discard them, depending on how many times they have been used?

Have you ever wanted to read more about Wordle before of your next question?

Since Wordle''s whirlwind arrival in October 2021, millions of players were allowed to play each day within a few months.

App stores were quickly being bombarded with clones to gain ground on its potential. Elsewhere, one developer who had a similar name game available previously donated their cash to charity after players mistook it for the five-letter guessing game, with (the modern) Wordle''s creator Dan Wardle as a "class act."

The most prominent feature in Wordle''s history is its purchase by the New York Times for an unisclosed seven-figure sum, which is dividing the game into a slew of online games.

Wordle is now available for play, but the game itself is unchanged, despite a few minor developments.

The first migration saw streaks for certain players reset, and rude words being deleted from the dictionary - which has resulted in the word list changing, resulting in some players being given a different word. The New York Times has also closed a "unauthorised" archive site of previous Wordle puzzles.

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