D&D Beyond will take part in Jasper's game week charity event

D&D Beyond will take part in Jasper's game week charity event

A special charity event week for suicide prevention teams has been organized by D&D Beyond and Jasper. The two have gathered for a number of things this year, the first you can see below as they are holding several streams, which you may take part in to help donate to the charity through Twitch. The second, which we have more details about below, is a digital dice set that is being sold on the platform, which includes proceeds going directly to the non-profit to help them. However, you may still go back and watch

The proceeds from this dice set will go to support the Jasper''s Game Day mission of suicide prevention and awareness. Through this, they strive to alleviate the stigma surrounding mental health so the world can begin to treat it like physical health. However, they are establishing a group of individuals that are unique and passionate about the game.

They have combined the fun of with the pursuit of self-driving and prevention, and this is nothing short of remarkable. They want to be able to assist prevent suicide rather than just respond to the aftermath. They want to be able to enliven the world and show everyone that they are not alone! To that end, a natural 1 is rolled on this digital dice set, and a mysterious phoenix rises into new heights.

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