Review of Tales of the Walking Dead S01E05 "Davon" Intense "Horror Noir"

Review of Tales of the Walking Dead S01E05 "Davon" Intense "Horror Noir"

As anthologies go, I''m fairly clinging on them (except for and ) which are more connected than your typical standalone anthology series. This week''s chapter,S01E05 "Davon," is rewritten by Michael E. Satrazemis and is chronicled in a strange country, where Jessie T. Usher reveals himself in a strange town without having to forget the truth until it saves him his life. So from this point forward, we''re throwing on

Real-Time Thoughts and Observations for Tales of the Walking Dead S01E05 "Davon"

Okay, is it in the spirit of complete disclosure and objectivity? I''m already going into this week''s chapter with a desire to expand beyond his increasingly impressive performance on the Amazon series.

Then, cuddling a walker handcuffed to you. There are nothing but flashes of gratitude for what went down to go on. You hear people looking for you but not in a good manner. You just had to turn your prosthetic leg into a walker-slaying weapon. I will never be sorry for my dog returning.

Flashes of memories appearing through a red filter, just so you know? Davon.

Add to that mix what appears to be blunt force trauma to the head, and Davon is left with a bunch of visuals he can''t trust, like the walker telling him to run before the credits launch. Will we get a "THREE DAYS EARLIER" or something like that?

No, we don''t. Thankfully. What we do get to hear is a voice saying, "You made this to me," Davon says, as his mind continues to be unreliable. And just to be clear: We''re less than three minutes into the episode (including the credits).

Uh-oh is Davon a murderer for real, or is the walker his conscience/guilt talking?

Davon, I''m sure you''re going to receive a signal as soon as possible.

Hmmmm, from the walker''s voice, "8 9 7"

In the middle of the night, do you see rot in the woods? Never a good sign

With a ton of red flashbacks filled with laughter, blood, and the sound of slicing, "897" appears to be a room number.


So, seven weeks ago, Davon was apparently discovered and nursed back to normal by what appears to be the same people after him, now the ones who think he''s a murderer.

Davon is having more violent flashbacks, but it''s starting to feel more like the woods, with people (best I could imagine) facing the bigger threat. Amanda (Embeth Davidtz) says "Sometimes, murder is mercy."


I''m not feeling Arnaud (Gage Munroe) he''s already giving off Talking Heads'' "Psycho Killer" attitude.

What exactly is it with pianos and horror stories? At some point, you may almost count on hearing one in a scene.

With the piano lesson, Nora is thirsting for Davon, which is fantastic foreplay.

SERIOUS RESPECT ALERT: I''m gonna talk about how the flashback scenes match this, and how 35MM/filmstrip looks to them

After this week, I believe there will be a new genre of filmmaking: "Walker Noir" or "Horror Noir," which I suspect might already be out there, so I can''t say that one.

Well, we discover that they are from Maine, and Davon is apparently staying with a group of French Canadians who created a kinda Amish-like secluded set-up in the woods. More signs that things might become ugly, with the murder debate between Davon and Amanda not exactly helping Amanda''s cause. I like Davon''s point that your life better be worth the save moving forward if you''re going to choose yourself over others.

When Nora asks him why he''s going to Montreal hmmm, Davon''s flashback is disappointing.

Davon, sorry. Amanda was there so far? Excellent pacing, effective use of silences, and the flashbacks are doing just enough to keep me on the verge of being fixed.

Awww Davon got Nora strawberries. Please don''t make what''s likely to happen anymore heartbreaking?

Props to how a transition from a sweet, loving flashback to Davon having the hood removed from him was handled, and provides an emotional punch to the "feels."

Well, now. Nora''s alive. Uh-oh.

Yeah, it appears that Davon "killed" Amanda, and now Nora, Arnaud, and the woods-people (sticking with it) desire to give him a chance to confess before they execute him. Personally, I''m looking at those two and not Davon as the killers.

As you''re not on the receiving end of the program, they''re blaming Davon for not only killing Amanda, but also killing people from the woods. And that flat-hand approach to voting to kill someone is a pretty badass.

NOTE: This is definitely not the process I''ve seen coming. Feels like there may be ways to escape depending on how the van rips apart.

Arnaud escapes shady as the woods-people turn on each other. I knew it! Little f***ing creep

As Arnaud begins to question the captive kid what "candy" he wants, Davon learns when he discovered the kids and learned that Amanda was completely off the ground. Davon handcuffed himself to Amanda to protect the kid who died, and now it''s all piecing itself together.

HOLY S**T! THAT WAS NOT GOOD! Now we know why Amanda''s face melted the way it did. But before he could get away, Arnaud knocked out Davon, guiding us to the start of the episode.

Amanda and Arnaud agreed to a different approach, although Amanda became more depressed at first by it. At first, Amanda was more depressed about losing her son again. In the end, they felt that they were freeing these children by assassinating them from what they''ll become.

Arnaud, you are soooooooooooooo paranoid!

The woods-people want revenge more than a sense of human grace. With that, we''re also presented with a documentary that makes a very strong argument against the death penalty. I wasn''t sure it was going there, but it felt like it was. And I''m glad it did.

As we see if the horror anthology series can go six for six and finish an already-impressive first season in a clear direction, we look forward to next week''s season finale of AMC''s S01E06 "La Dona" (directed by Deborah Kampmeier and written by Lindsey Villarreal).

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