The spin-off series for Britain's Got Talent is about to start

The spin-off series for Britain's Got Talent is about to start

According to reports, the company is attempting to develop a spin-off series that would have a magical impact.

Throughout the whole day of the show''s run, we''ve seen all sorts of acts, from singing, dancing, performing animals, and contortionists, but one act, mainly, may be getting its own spin-off: magicians.

According to a source, "BGT might have been on air for fifteen-odd years," but Simon thinks there''s still so much life in the formant. Despite the ratings, viewers still prefer the madcap mix of talents.

"He sees honing in on a specific theme as a real benefit to him, and what better way to start with magic? Over the years, the whole world has discovered some exceptional magic acts."

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"Of course, if the magical contest happens when it airs, it opens the way for a slew of themed specials."

After The Witch''s success this year, there was a Halloween special, but it will not be held in 2022. Imagine a contest dedicated solely to the dog acts, according to perfection."

According to the publication, the one-off spectacular might draw back previous magical acts where they will compete to become the champion of magic, thus it might be a beautiful transition to the original format.

The judging panel and Simon Cowell have not commented on the concept yet, so it''s unclear if the magicians'' spin-off is going ahead just yet. We''ll have to wait and see!

Axel Blake, who dominated 2022 with singer Tom Ball in third place and Jamie Leahey as runner-up, was a member of the group.

Despite the fact that Richard Jones won the title during the tenth series of 2016, there is certainly some interest in this type of action.

Richard is to today''s day the only magician to win the competition, but by putting the skill in the spotlight we might see more magic acts emerge. Watch this space!

ITV updates the show.

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