The Masked Dancer UK 2022: Start Date, Gastgeber, Costumes, Puzzles, judges, and everything we know about it

The Masked Dancer UK 2022: Start Date, Gastgeber, Costumes, Puzzles, judges, and everything we know

The UK2022 series is back, and if you liked UK Season 3, then youll enjoy this masked extravaganza, which promises to be the "most bonkers" yet.

12 celebrities will instead of singing, but they will keep their identities secret as they perform dance chores in outrageous costumes.

As Carwash was unveiled as an Olympic gymnast, Louis Smith was crowned the winner of the show last year. He fought against a variety of crazy outfits in the first series, including Knickerbocker Glory, Rubber Chicken, Scarecrow, Beetroot, Flamingo, and many more!

Bandicoot managing director Derek McLean and creative director Daniel Nettleton said they wowed audiences last year and were thrilled to bring the show back for another set of unusual outfits, mind-blowing moves, and maddeningly compelling clues.

We are already planning for the most bonkers series in the world, with the mayhem that planned for 2022.

Here''s what we know about the UK2022 budget.

The Masked Dancer UK 2022 release date

The new series of ITV and ITV Hub began on Saturday, September 3, at 6.30 pm. The next episode will air on Saturday, September 10.

The Masked Dancer UK 2022 costumes and clues

As twelve new masked celebrities prepare their best dance moves to winUK in 2022, let''s take a look at their outrageous outfits.

This year, there''s a slew of kooky ensembles, from Odd Socks to Sea Slug, and the show''s first-ever double act with Pillar and Post... but who will win this horrifying villain?

Some of our costumes have already had their first clues! Can you please explain who they are so far with the clues?

Dancing to their own tune... its Onomatopoeia

Who is behind the Onomatopoeia mask?

Ed Sheeran gave Onomatopoeia the Tango, but who might they be? Let''s take a look at their clue package...

  • Bring the noise could be a musician
  • Hugh Grant dance routine from shown in library
  • "I am one thing made up of many parts. A team of words, if you will" writer?
  • Pile of books on a table
  • "I do take stamina, but I''''m here for the long game"
  • Arsenal badge
  • "And if there''''s one thing that''''ll fire me up, it''''s the sound of the crowd at the stadium cheering to get me on my feet"
  • Boxing moves
  • "My body has been considered an anatomically perfect specimen"

Hoping that they can even paint the dancefloor with its Tomato Sauce on their walls

Who is behind the Tomato Sauce mask?

Tomato Sauce performed an Irish Dancing routine to B*Witched. Let''s take a look at their clue package so far...

  • "I''''m here to put the sauce into saucy, quite literally"
  • Farm shop
  • On air sign TV or radio star?
  • "Always at the heart of the table, where people ketchup with one another"
  • Pop quiz sign with percentages
  • "Many important conversations can be had while breaking bread"
  • They just want to make the world a more tasteful place
  • Good at Irish Dancing
  • "I had a stomach churning moment in a famous house" house?

Youve heard of the worm, but now is the time for a fresh dance craze its Sea Slug.

Who is behind the Sea Slug mask?

The Pussycat Dolls brought Sea Slug a sassy commercial dance style. Who do you think it might be from their clues below?

  • "It''''s very bubbly down here, which is a lot like me"
  • A red hat with the words: "Make Anemone Great Again" on the front
  • Friendly and a "big squishy softy"
  • Don''''t get on the wrong side of them because sea slugs can be a little bit spikey, but only if they have to be
  • Arrows going in one direction in a treasure chest
  • Glow in the dark is definitely in season fashion designer?
  • "If you need help, I might throw you a lifeline or two"
  • Going to make a splash on the dance floor could be referencing the show
  • "You''''ve got to hand it to me, this Sea Slug sure knows how to scrub up well"

On stage its Scissors, they will alter their own shapes.

Who is behind the Scissors mask?

Justin Bieber sambad a samba to Scissors, but here''s what''s been revealed so far...

  • Something of a funny girl
  • The word "Scissors" written in lipstick on the mirror RuPaul''''s Drag Race clue?
  • Considered to be sharp
  • Not always been described as the sharpest tool in the shed
  • Cactus pots
  • Like to take us with them wherever they go
  • Spotty cereal bowl could be Dalmatian link
  • Done her fair share of touring
  • Can handle a talent show
  • Possible that the oversized wigs during her performance are a clue
  • "These peepers are ''''feline'''' like they could use 40 winks" could be a possible Pussycat Dolls link

Cactus is the perfect dance technique to prickle your head.

Who is behind the Cactus mask?

Cactus are satisfied with Ricky Martin''s Jive to. But what do you think of who is under the costume with the clues below?

  • "Hola amigos, it''''s time to step into the ring" they said standing in a boxing ring
  • Mexican wrestler famous for putting on a show?
  • Silence sign
  • Hall of fame
  • Conquered iconic venues
  • Pinata filled with guitar picks
  • Hopes they won''''t be busted anytime soon the band Busted?
  • Flowers on costume
  • "I often get mistaken for a mythical beast"

They invented the MoonWalk its Astronaut

Who is behind the Astronaut mask?

Jesse Metcalfe, a US actor, is unmasked for Astronaut. He is well-known for his role in the film.

Jesse said that he thought it would be fun because dance is something that really intimidates me. It''s a fear I wanted to confront.This has been unbelievable, it''s one of the most outrageous things I''ve ever done in my career, but I''ve really enjoyed myself.

Will they deliver a first-class performance?Pillar and Post

Who is behind the Pillar and Post mask?

Pillar and Post, the first-ever double act on The Marvelettes, performed a jazz routine, but who are you optimistic they might be with their first clues below?

  • Post made a career out of following instructions and doing what he''''s told
  • Like to hit the cobbles early and get all of their deliveries done
  • "And, being posties, well. That''''s keeping it in the family"
  • It was separate trips around the world that delivered them into the same vicinity
  • Model cruise ship sitting on a fence
  • Large bank cheque at a doorstep
  • Hearts on trees
  • JL5 address on a letter, which could be referencing a JLS star
  • "We''''ve toe-tally seen stars together"

The candlestick for burn baby burns, its disco inferno

Who is behind the Candlestick mask?

Candlestick was the first character to complete the series with their dance moves, and they performed a commercial dance style to Take That.

So far, here are their assumptions...

  • Welcomed us to a huge mansion where they said this is where they like to "hold court" possibly a clue about being a judge
  • 3 vases with flowers
  • Might be an authority but isn''''t fussy
  • Balloons tied to a chair
  • They''''re here to light up the party
  • 3 candlesticks with the words "Brass," "Platinum" and "Pewter" labelled on each
  • Can wax lyrical
  • "Do you take lemon in you water or just ice?"
  • Doesn''''t have any dance experience
  • Knows what it is to lose but win
  • "I need to let you know I went via Tinseltown on the way to success"

Kick your knees up and you''re the Pearly King.

Who is behind the Pearly King mask?

In the second episode, Pearly King was the first person to impress on the dance floor as they used a modern fusion dance technique to The Jam.

How do you think to whom they may be a part of the clue package so far?

  • "Welcome to the streets of London" specifically the East End
  • Part of a long tradition
  • Theatre binoculars in a guitar case
  • Isn''''t afraid of hard work to get to where they are
  • An apple and pear on the stairs
  • "Let me tell you, becoming Pearly King, it''''s been nice to try on another character for size. Sometimes, people can confuse you with the person they see on-screen. They forget you might be playing a role" an actor
  • Playing cards
  • CD''''s covered in sand and shells
  • The initial''''s DD on the stage
  • ''''King of the Hill'''' on the back of their jacket
  • King Street signs during their performance
  • "My mane is sometimes all I need to feel confident"

Theyll be hogging the dance floor its Pig

Who is behind the Pig mask?

Pig was the second unmasking of the competition, and it turned out to be star Joanna Page!

After being unveiled, she told host Joel Dommett: "I had a fantastic day. The children don''t know or anything. I''m very pleased as this is their favourite program."

Hoping not to get a Mussel its Prawn Cocktail

Who is behind the Prawn Cocktail mask?

So far, Prawn Cocktail performed a disco to Dream Girls, and this is their clue package...

  • Known for having a bit of a retro flavour, but they''''ve also got a modern edge and have stood the taste test of time
  • Didn''''t used to look like what you might expect
  • "But I admit, I''''m not sure even I saw myself becoming a prawn cocktail. Now that was a real surprise, surprise"
  • Cocktail menu with Dolly Parton on it
  • Sign reading "Animal friendly establishment" could be a celebrity who likes animals
  • Hoping to be "Shrimply the best" with their disco dancing possibly a Tina Turner reference
  • The Gold Shrimp Club maybe an Olympian?
  • "I may be an appetiser, but I''''ve got an insatiable appetite for success"

These happy feet will not be uncoordinated due to their Odd Socks.

Who is behind the Odd Socks mask?

The Jonas Brothers performed a country hoedown to Odd Socks, but let''s take a look at the clues we have so far...

  • Alarm clock that reads half past seven
  • Ergo soap powder Jonathan Ross pointed out that Ergo is Latin for ''''therefore''''
  • Turns up in a lot of surprising places
  • They''''re just like a sock warm, cosy and likes to dip their toe in lots of different adventures
  • Their feet have carried them in one big circle
  • "I know how to sniff out talent like a pair of stinky socks"

The Masked Dancer UK 2022 host

After presenting the last three series of and last years, comedian Joel Dommett will reprise his hosting duties for this series.

The Masked Dancer UK 2022 judges

The jury on Saturday night''s judges Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall, and former pro Oti Mabuse have all been on their seats once more for the next season.

Although Mo Gilligan will be replaced by football legend Peter Crouch on the judging panel, Mo is not expected to appear on this year''s show due to tour demands.

Peter said: "The performance is a massive success in our household." When asked, I jumped at the chance to participate.I am competitive and I''m currently scrolling through friends'' socials to get started on these days.

My social media, family, and friends will not be constantly speculating that im hiding behind one of the masks, as a bonus!

Don''t be afraid, Mo will make a surprise appearance during the performance, along with some other very special guests.

Mo revealed that he loves being a part of the Masked Team so im optimistic to be missing most of this series this year as I''ll be working in the United States. But Ive got the perfect sub to take my place. A legendary on and off the pitch and one of the nicest guys in the industry, Crouchy knows a thing or two about fancy footwork!

Oti was previously confirmed to be returning as a judge back in February, with Derek McLean, the head of Bandicoot TV, declaring: Yes, she will be back. She has a great maturity in dance, and her critical eye is so good for dance. It''s a no-brainer that she will be returning.

In the semi-final, Oti managed to successfully guess professional dancer Craig Revel Horwood and model Kelly Brook, with the other judges guessing completely wrong.

The first season included guest judges such as John Bishop, David Walliams, and Holly Willoughby.

Is there a trailer?

This year''s ITV competition will feature a first-look promotion, where we''re introduced to the horrifying characters taking on the stage!

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