Release date, trailer, reviews, and everything we know about Steven Spielberg's Steven Spielberg film

Release date, trailer, reviews, and everything we know about Steven Spielberg's Steven Spielberg fil

Everyone knows who Steven Spielberg is one of the most well-known directors ever, but his latest film,, will show a side of Spielberg that many have never seen before.

With a semi-autobiographical tale back to his childhood, Spielberg is stepping back to his former job.

Everything we know about it is here.

When is The Fabelmans release date?

It will be out exclusively in movie theaters, first with a limited run in New York and Los Angeles beginning November 11. It then rolls out more broadly to US and UK audiences on November 23; that makes it a holiday movie for US audiences as November 23 is the day before Thanksgiving.

In September, the film was first seen for audience members at the Toronto International Film Festival.

As the dates were announced, moviegoers are getting two Steven Spielberg films in a single year, which was once again released in December 2021.

What is The Fabelmans plot?

Although not many specifics are known about the plot, nothing on the movies website is that it is "loosely based on Steven Spielberg''s childhood." What we do know about Spielberg is that he also directed the script with his frequent collaborator, Tony Kushner.

Spielberg has joined a diverse cast that has chosen to depict elements of their lives in a film. Federico Fellinis, George Lucas, and Joanna Hoggs are some of the most famous examples.

Who is in The Fabelmans cast?

Michelle Williams (, ) is playing a character based on Spielbergs'' mother; Paul Dano (, ) is playing a character based on Spielbergs'' father; Seth Rogen (, ) is playing a character based on Spielberg''s uncle; and Gabriel LaBelle is playing a fictional version of Spielberg.

Julia Butters (), Jeannie Berlin (), Robin Bartlett (), Keeley Karsten (), Judd Hirsch () and her co-director and occasional actor David Lynch ().

Is there a The Fabelmans trailer?

A trailer for a young filmmaker has been released, showing him how he was inspired.

The Fabelmans examines what the critics are saying.

People who saw the film at film festivals have offered their first thoughts on it, which they have made in the past.

As of September 12, the film has a score of 95% "Fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes (opens in a new tab) and an 85 on Metacritic (opens in a new tab). Here are some of the early thoughts on the film.

The Playlist''s most personal film by Tomris Laffly (opens in a new window): "It''s Spielberg, which evokes his childhood and youth''s vivid sense of wistfulness and a fable-like charm."

"[A]n infinitely tender, sometimes misty ode to the people who raised him, as well as the singular desire for cinema that shaped him," says Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly.

"With The, Spielberg is grappling with his own mythology, and re-examining it," Chris Evangelista says of Slash Film (opens in a new tab): "This isn''t exactly how Spielberg''s life s unfolded; it''s the Hollywood version, and that''s appropriate."

Recent Steven Spielberg movies

Steven Spielberg is famous for a wide variety of movies, including,, and, and the Oscar-winning filmmaker hasnt slowed down even if he has been making films for 50 years. Among his films, he includes,, and.

Spielberg continues to refine a whole set of films for the first time recently, and he even managed to do something for the first time recently, directing a music video for Marcus Mumford (opens in a new tab).

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