Release Date, Reviews, Trailer, and everything we know about Jessica Chastain's film, The Good Nurse

Release Date, Reviews, Trailer, and everything we know about Jessica Chastain's film, The Good Nurse

Some of Netflix''s biggest true crime titles have been discovered recently, and the streamer has another one on its hands with. While the likes of and are documentaries/docuseries, this is a narrative film, but based on Charles Cullen''s true story.

As one of the 2022s new films (and part of Netflix''s massive slate of fall 2022 movies, opens in a new tab), this article will help you get the most out of it.

When is the Good Nurse release date?

On October 19, the release will be shown on Netflix a week later.

The film''s theatrical release ensures that it is eligible for this year''s Oscars.

What is The Good Nurse plot?

As discussed, the plot is based on Charles Cullen''s real-life murders. Here''s the official description from Netflix:

"Suspicious that her colleague is responsible for a series of tragic patient deaths, a nurse risks her own life to investigate the truth."

Krysty Wilson-Cairns'' screenplay was written and edited from the book (opens in a new tab) by Charles Graeber.

Who is in The Good Nurse cast?

Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne star in ''The Wizard of Oz,'' who plays Amy Loughren and Charles Cullen.

Chastain will not receive her Oscar nomination for Best Actress in 2021, but is well-known for roles such as, and. She has already had one film in 2022, the spy-action film, and will appear in as well before the year goes by.

Redmayne is also an Oscar winner, claiming the Best Actor Award for. The British actor has also led the franchise and appeared in numerous films including, and.

Kim Dickens (, ), Noah Emmerich (, ) and Nnamdi Asomugha, both stars of the cast, have made the move to acting, following their appearance in a number of films.

The Good Nurse trailer

The trailer for Redmayne looks quite creepy as Cullen finishes his second game while Chastain watches the game in advance of Loughren''s quest to determine exactly what her co-worker has done. Watch the trailer below.

The Good Nurse Reveals What the Journalists Say

The first slate of reviews for the true-crime thriller is starting to come out with strong praise. Here are some of the initial reviews for :

"A frightening but frightening truth-crime tragedy," says John DeFore, the Hollywood reporter.

Variety''s Tomris Laffly (opens in a new tab): "It''s ultimately making a sophisticated impression as a moving, profound human interest story."

Deadline''s Pete Hammond (opens in a new tab) turns out to be one of the best photos of 2022, with two of the best performances you will see all year."

Who is The Good Nurse director?

Tobias Lindholm, the director of Netflix, has worked as a writer and director throughout his career. His writing credits include writing the Mads Mikkelsen and Thomas Vinterberg collaborations, as well as two of his own directorial projects and. He also directed two episodes of the first season of Netflixs.

What happened to Charles Cullen?

SPOILER ADVICE if you want to learn more about Charles Cullen from.

Charles Cullen worked as a nurse in several hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As the film depicts, Amy Loughren, his co-worker, who followed unusual instructions from Cullen''s investigations to discover that he was actually responsible for killing people.

Cullen was sentenced to 29 years in prison, but has officially confessed to killing as many as 40 people (opens in a new tab), but he may have murdered as many as 400 patients, making him the greatest prolific serial killer in history.

Cullen admitted to a plea agreement in New Jersey and was sentenced to 11 consecutive life sentences (opens in a new tab), while another six sentences were added to his sentence by a Pennsylvania judge. Cullen is not eligible for parole until at least 2388.

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