What happened to Roxana in the No Limit ending?

What happened to Roxana in the No Limit ending?

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Follows Pascal (Sofiane Zermani) and his student Roxana (Camille Rowe), a world champion freediver who is stepping down to take on a freediving course in France.

Roxana discovers herself diving into dangerous depths in the sport, as well as discovering her intense relationship with the competitive Pascal.

despite Pascal and Roxana''s turbulent romance, their love story has come to an end.

What happened at the end ofWhat happened to Roxana? Here is all you need to know about it...

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What happened to Roxana in the No Limit final?

As Pascal and Roxana embark on their intense romance while competing in the dangerous freediving game, Roxana begins second guessing the relationship when Pascal''s controlling side begins to retarate its ugly head.

She soon discovers that he has been cheating on her, but his guilt tripping makes her stay in the difficult relationship.

Roxana has become a popular freediving athlete. Pascal, who was forced to take a step back from diving due to a medical condition, is suicidal for anyone who can beat the world record he has failed to do.

Despite his intense jealousy, he becomes Roxana''s freediving instructor and constantly pushes Roxana to dangerous limits to compete in the No Limit category and set a new world record of 180 metres.

Tom (Cesar Domboy), a safety diver who Roxana had a foe, is constantly checking her diving equipment to ensure it''s working properly.

Tom notices Pascal secretly manipulating the equipment and assurances him that it has already been verified.

Roxana makes the gruesome effort to break the record, but dives to the bottom of the ocean, finding that the air tank lift bag has failed and cannot inflate to help her rise to the surface.

Tom panics and manages to fix the equipment, but she is unable to reach the surface in time and is drowning.

As he spreads Roxana''s ashes into the sea, Roxana''s grandfather stride in a boat in the final scene.

Did Pascal kill Roxana?

Pascal has been implausated in the manufacture of equipment, so Roxana couldn''t break the world record, which has resulted in her drowning.

Even if Tom and Pascal were interviewed by the police about her death, no details were revealed about the tragedy, even though Tom saw Pascal messing with the equipment right before Roxana''s dive.

Pascal stares at him as he smokes a cigarette, revealing a sense of belonging on his face as he enters the airport.

Despite the fact that it''s not said, but by the look on Pascal''s face, we can guess that Pascal was the cause of the fatal accident that killed Roxana.

Pascal''s jealousy improved him, and he wanted to ensure that both his love of his life and his greatest competitor couldn''t beat him. This also meant that she couldn''t leave him for Tom after he ended their affair.

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