Who is Daemon Targaryen's wife? Who plays Prince Daemon's wife in House of the Dragon?

Who is Daemon Targaryen's wife? Who plays Prince Daemon's wife in House of the Dragon?

Prince Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) is one of the most famous drama in the film, although members of King Viserys (Paddy Considine) court believe he is not appropriate to serve as Viserys''heir apparent for many reasons, including his violent tendencies as the Commander of the City Watch.

Another reason is his reticence to spend time with his wife, who was briefly mentioned in the season premiere during a spat at a small council meeting and again in episode 4.

Who is Prince Daemon''s wife? Who will play her in? So far, we know what we have discovered.

Who is Daemon Targaryen''''s wife?

Lady Rhea Royce, Prince Daemon''s exiled wife, is also known as Lady Rhea of the Vale and is living in Runestone, the castle of House Royce in Arryn''s Valley.

The couple quickly developed a dislike for one another, but they do not spend much time together.

Otto Hightower, who plays King in the opening episode of The Hand of the King, claims that Daemon has not been married to his wife for several years. Daemon responds by saying the Rhea was a "bronze b***h" and that she''s bound to be happier with him staying in King''s Landing.

Despite being challenged for his remarks, Daemon continues to insult Rhea during the meeting and even offers her up to Otto as his own wife to "warm his bed" mocking the fact that Otto''s wife had passed away recently.

When Daemon declares that he is taking Mysaria (Sonoya Mizuno) as a second wife in episode 2, he causes Viserys and the rest of the court to be troubled, although Daemon''s planned marriage is just a mix; Mysaria was not even let in on the scheme.

The first few episodes of Episode 4 have not revealed how Daemon''s feelings for Lady Rhea Royce have not improved. When it comes to her being sick, Daemon suggests that he be allowed to marry Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock), his niece, as a second wife. Although modest (to audiences and King Viserys alike), Daemon regretted this request for Rhaenyra.

Who is playing Rhea Royce?

As for who will play Lady Rhea Royce, it is very likely (though not officially confirmed) that Lady Rhea will be played by Rachel Redford in the Netflix fantasy series. Rachel also played Fruszi in the Netflix series and is also known for appearances in and.

On House of the Dragon, there is still no way to see Lady Rhea yet, but the preview for episode 5 shows Daemon walking through a valley that for many Game of Thrones enthusiasts may resemble the rocky environment of the Vale (though it''s just a quick glance so hard for sure). Perhaps we''ll be seeing Lady Rhea in the flesh very soon.

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