Season 24 of Big Brother: Recaps, evictions, and all we know about the competition series

Season 24 of Big Brother: Recaps, evictions, and all we know about the competition series

The first season of CBS premiered 22 years ago. Accounting for the 23 seasons that have aired (excluding and other spinoffs) was looking at nearly 300 housemates over the years for a chance to become the last person standing. While some might believe that the series must have lost some of its passion during its long television history, viewers will argue that it''s far from the truth.

CBS teased this season that viewers should "expect the unexpected." What curveballs and jaw-dropping surprises have transpired with the housemates?

Season 24: Here''s how we can help you out.

When will the next Big Brother Season 24 episode come?

The next new season of season 24 will premiere on Wednesday, September 14, at 8 pm ET/PT. Monte will now compete with HOH and Brittany and Alyssa, so you''ll want to tune into the next episode to see who wins this vital veto challenge.

Don''t forget that Paramount Plus subscribers have also access to the Live Feeds, which provides some of the house deities that aren''t available on television.

Big Brother season 24 cast

Show producers waited until the final hour to announce the season 24 cast. Here are the 16 contenders who were capable of entering the house''s chaos.

If you want more information on the competitors, we can help you. Meet the cast here.

Big Brother season 24 episode recaps

Season 1 - The houseguests are all given a ticket, which is the thing that eventually separates them into several groups. Each group then hosts a mini-game amongst themselves to determine which of them will compete for the season 24s first HOH. It turns out the three contestants who come out of their groups victorious are Monte, Turner, and Daniel. After the three of them race against one another to create a drum kit puzzle, Daniel is crowned the weeks HOH.

While being HOH gives a player ample power in the house, it appears to be the same thing with the "Backstage Boss" ticket, which Pooch defended for the day, but he was not allowed to vote during the eviction ceremony. However, Julie tells him that the draw with this amazing "Backstage Boss" ticket is that he must select three competitors to join him backstage. These players cant vote in the eviction ceremony, but can still be sent home come next Thursday.

Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany are pulled backstage by a pooch. Fortunately for these ladies, Julie informs America that they can vote to save one of the women when the time comes.

The players begin plotting about what they can use to help them make it until the end of episode 2 with Daniel as the first HOH and Pooch, Alyssa, Paloma, and Brittany placed in an interesting position following the plot twist.

The profession of attorney Brittany and Terrance begin to bond as the oldest members in the house, but later Nicole forms a "Rogue Rats" alliance with Daniel. After having a few conversations, Alyssa and Paloma form their own final two alliances.

Paloma manages to organize together all of the women to form an alliance. However, one woman who prefers to stick with the guys instead is Taylor. Taylor''s strategy to align herself with the guys puts a target on her back as far as Paloma is concerned, and she begins to set a campaign to exclude Taylor from the house. Daniel also takes a look at Taylor as a nominee for eviction.

Daniel decides to nominate Terrance and Michael to stay in the country until next Thursday. Read the full report on Paloma''s seasons.

As the nominations are announced, players begin plotting what to do next. Michael goes to Daniel in an attempt to explain why he was nominated, and Daniel emphasizes that it was nothing personal. Michael then makes his rounds with other players in the house to see if one of them would be willing to participate in the Veto games in the event that he receives a "Players Choice," but none of the other contestants take the bait.

Indy, Turner, Daniel, Michael, Ameerah, and Terrance go head to head in a Medieval-inspired game where they ride a mechanical horse and try to collect rings. In the end, Michael proves to be victorious, which means he easily avoided elimination.

The ladies, particularly Paloma, are likely to have it out for her. So far Paloma hasn''t been the nicest to Taylor, so it''s easy to understand why Taylor was reluctant to take on board Palomas'' plan to force the men to split up. Paloma effectively described Taylor as a "liar" and a "snake" of some sort, and the former uses manipulative tactics.

Daniel replaces Michael as a potential eviction candidate.

Daniels'' choice for the episode 4 has been hailed because of her "rubbing people the wrong way," but Taylor eventually discovers that Monte informed Paloma about her chat with him, and now Paloma is forming rumors that Taylor couldn''t be trusted. Although Taylor attempts to clear the air with Paloma, Paloma is a brick wall, and both remain at odds.

Paloma is not sleeping or eating well earlier in the house, and the other competitors are legitimately concerned about her health. Shortly thereafter, the housemates get a note that Paloma has left the house for personal reasons.

After all the turmoil Paloma has sparked in the house, she is the first person to leave. Both Taylor and Terrance have been evicted.

Factors like Paloma has left the competition.

Ameerah, Jasmine, Kyle, Michael, Monte, and Joseph face off in a game where they must answer a series of false or incorrect questions about the hotel. In the end, its Jasmine who is eliminated. Let the weekly scheming begin.

Paloma isn''t alone, so Taylor has a goal on her back. Pooch is attempting to convince other competitors, particularly Jasmine, of his desire to go on the nomination block as a pawn with Brittany in an attempt to backdoor Taylor. By backdooring her, she wouldnt be able to save herself via a veto.

Jasmine seems to agree with a later proposed arrangement to place Taylor as a pawn, and then backdoor someone else to replace her. Now, the plans are conflicting. So what does Jasmine do in the end? She approves Pooch and Taylor for eviction and decides to let the cards fall as they fall.

Episode 6 Is Taylor still adamant that when she enters the Veto competition, she appears to be not the house''s main goal. As HOH, Jasmine informs most of the house guests that her goal is to actually remove her, even with that news. Taylor is still determined to win the Veto to remove herself, because she does not trust the ladies in the house and their intentions.

The contestants have to shoot three volleyballs into a hole with only their head and face as their legs are bound by a mermaid costume and they are not permitted to use their arms and hands. Michael wins for the second week in a row.

Michael proposes that Jasmine remove Taylor from the chopping block and replace her with Joseph in an attempt to evict one of the more powerful opponents out of the house. In the end, the nominations for the coaches remain unchanged. Taylor and Pooch have remained stable.

Episode 7/8 While Pooch is adamantly in danger of returning, Joseph tries to express his concern for Pooch to Monte. Unfortunately for Monte, he puts himself in an awkward position with his friendship with the women, mostly Nicole, by trying to persuade them to vote Taylor out of the house instead of Pooch. This manner of behavior may come back to Monte later.

After receiving a vote of 120, Pooch is eliminated from the competition anyway (ouch). Perhaps he should have heard Joseph.

Julie announces that the game will be played in pairs if one person in the pair wins HOH. They both win, according to the days HOH competition, which is similar to musical chairs. Monte and Joseph, Nicole and Taylor, Kyle and Daniel, Indy and Alyssa, Ameerah and Terrance, and Michael and Brittany and Jasmine.

After some discussions, the new HOH twosome of Turner and Jasmine decides to nominate Michael and Brittany for elimination.

Episode 9 Of course, the level of disgruntledness some of these housemates have for Taylor is odd, disgruntled, and the entire process is dangling. Nicole is willing to take a veto contest to backdoor Taylor to a nomination to get her out of the house. So please keep an eye on the footage, as there is no evidence to explain why they feel this way.

While Daniel and Nicole work on a strategy to remove Taylor from the house, they develop a variety of strategies to select the girls and their alliance. Given that Taylor is clearly not a part of the girl alliance, they set their sights on winning the veto to backdoor Ameerah as a nominee and vote her out. But then Michael and Brittany gain the veto.

A new alliance emerges after Daniel inexplicably blows up on Taylor for an alleged aggressiveness against Nicole. Joseph is stuck up as hes tired of Taylor''s treatment. He recruits Michael and Brittany and Monte pulls in Taylor, and the Leftovers alliance takes shape. Taylor may finally get the support she needs to take on the task.

Episode 10 Oh how important a day makes. Taylor is finally getting some justice. Ameerah and Terrance are replaced by Michael and Brittany, which makes Ameerah more chastises. She only finds herself more encumbered when her vote has confirmed that she will be ejected from the house.

Julie advises Terrance to join one of the twosomes and become a threesome. The HOH competition looks like it will get on its way, but then the episode concludes. It''s a misgiving for fans. They''ll have to wait a few minutes to see what happens.

Episode 11 As the HOH competition continues, with players looking for red invitations in a slew of envelopes and then sliding goblets across tables in an attempt to score the highest points, it looks as if Nicole is going to be the new HOH. For her, this would be an incredible feat as she is unable to exact revenge for Ameerah being ejected from the house. Unfortunately for her, the Monte who wins the game at the eleventh hour.

Nicole, Alyssa, Indy, and Jasmine, who are unable to handle the blame game, have shifted their attention to the blame game. This season, they blame Taylor. At this point, we wonder if these competitors care how they will be perceived once they leave the house.

The Leftovers must come up with a plan for nominations. Monte is discussed as the HOH refuses to allow Taylor to be used as a pawn again (remember Taylor and Nicole are Festies Besties). Instead, he names Indy and Alyssa, although depending on how the Veto competition goes, he''s open to backdooring Nicole if necessary.

The Leftovers are attempting to figure out how they can get Nicole out of the house. Daniel says that his main objective is to win the POV competition so he can protect his opponent. But from there, he makes "dumbest moves in history."

Episode 13 This eviction episode presides on the right spot as the previous one did, with Daniel using his veto to put his ally Nicole up for eviction against Taylor. While this is the matchup that Nicole and Daniel wanted to try and get Taylor out, the rest of the housemates have been eager to leave Nicole packing. That''s exactly what hey did when Nicole was evicted in a 9-to-1 vote, with Daniel being her only support.

Episode 14 of Daniel''s BFF Nicole is in the house, and Daniel is in a bit of a meltdown. First, he shames Alyssa for voting to evict Nicole. He then informs Monte in front of everyone that the recently retired HOH is going to win the season, perhaps in an attempt to target Montes back. Outside of being the Daniel show, the episode is also the Jasmine show.

Jasmine, especially in light of Muffin Gate, in which she gets to her castmates in search of the person who ate the other half of her muffin.

Daniel excels in this week''s HOH competition, but is not disappointed by Michael, who is currently the new HOH. In a shocking nomination, he nominates Terrance, Joseph, and Monte for eviction.

Daniel continues to make his rounds in an attempt to mobilise sufficient people to assist him in his quest to save Monte from the house while also saving his own hide. He then approaches Terrance, who surprisingly is on board with getting rid of his Festie Bestie. Daniel then approaches Jasmine, Alyssa, and Indy, along with them, and he discovers him as a threat.

Before any changes are made, this newly-established alliance must anticipate the results of the Veto competition. For yet another time, Michael claims victory and the power of the Veto.

After putting Daniel and Jasmine out of the house, they go to Michael and pitch that he should try to get Monte out. Unfortunately for them, the pitch is too similar, and Michael admits that something is not quite right. In the end, he decides to change his names for the week and calls them Daniel and Kyle to deportation with the intention of getting Daniel out of the house. We have a feeling that he will be next on the chopping block.

Daniel isn''t happy about being nominated for eviction in episode 16. In fact, he spends his remaining time in the house throwing insults, describing the other players as weak, and inflating his own value in the competition. When it comes to eviction votes, he''s sent packing by everybody in the house with the exception of Terrance.

Julie releases some interesting news as the next HOH competition approaches. The house will be divided into two sections, with neither side interacting with the other, and a double eviction is coming. Discuss a new game twist.

Episode 17 of The One-time house pariah Taylor becomes the new HOH. Despite her gaining a bit of power this week, she is revealing that she has no intentions of nominating Jasmine.

As the episode progresses, it becomes clear that Joseph and Kyle may become targets before the house, and that Michael and Brittany are aware that the two may not be doing their fair job when it comes to helping out the Leftovers Alliance. For the time being, Taylor nominates Terrance and Indy for eviction.

Episode 18 Of course, the most interesting thing in this episode is the veto competition. Sure, Terrance is determined to win the veto to save his own hide, but right before the players compete in the competition, the game has announced that eliminated players will receive either a punishment or a prize.

Taylor is forced to take part in the veto championship, but she doesn''t receive a punishment, but a prize trip to London. However, Taylor opensly believes that she is still the HOH. Regardless, Taylor does not receive a punishment but a nomination. Alyssa does not want to miss out on that message and makes sure that she is still a candidate. Taylor is forced to take Taylor''s trip wrong way.

Viewers must wait and see if the veto is used, and if Taylor has to replace her initial nominations with someone like Alyssa. By the way, see how fans feel about a responsible replacement on.

Episode 19 Despite a host of discussions about Kye''s use of the veto, he ultimately keeps the nominations as they are, rescuing his showmance beau Alyssa. This move does not exactly go over well with the Leftover Alliance. (Kyle isnt winning any fans in the house or online after insinuating that contestants of color will all form a coalition to win).

Indy is voted out of the house 7-1 at the elimination ceremony.

Julie reveals the game-changing idea that the house will be divided into two games with five contestants at Dyre Festival (outside) and five at Brochella (inside). Terrance will be HOH for the latter, while Michael will be HOH for the rest of the contestants. This is what will be decided next episode.

Michael and Terrance have chosen their squads in Episode 20. Jasmine, Brittany, Taylor, and Monte are joining Michael inside at Brochella. That means that Turner, Alyssa, Joseph, and Kyle will leave Terrance outside at the Dyre Festival.

Terrance boldly tells Turner and Alyssa that he has no intentions of naming them for elimination. That would imply that he would nominate Joseph and Kyle. But then, Kyle tells Terrance about the Leftovers Alliance, and that the alliance failed to abolish the new HOH last week, and that changes Terrances mind.

Michael nominates Jasmine and Monte at the inside nomination ceremony, as did HOH. (For the time being, Monte believes hes a pawn.) Meanwhile, Terrance nominates Turner and Joseph. Considering Terrance''s remarks about him being safe this week, the next episode should be quite interesting leading up to the veto challenge.

This week, separate veto competitions are quite important, particularly in the Dyre Festival camp where two members of the Leftovers Alliance are up for eviction. Oh, and we cant forget that Jasmine in the Brochella group is not happy about being nominated for eviction on her birthday.

Terrance defeats the Dyre Festival group (and viewers at home) by winning. With Veto''s power, he decides to remove Turner from the chopping block and replace him with Kyle. What makes this a bit of outrageous, is that Kyle has been scheming ever since the house was split into two groups, and has been on a campaign to remove the Leftovers Alliance.

Brittany finishes up winning the Veto by resting the nominations as they are, which again worries Jasmine. Also, Joseph is a strong player, but will he be able to convince Terrance to vote Kyle out of Dyre Festival instead?

Episode 22 Sadly, Joseph is sent home in the pack, but he was not able to shake Terrance and to persuade him that Kyle couldnt be trusted. Moreover, even Turner voted to send Joseph home. Besides, Jasmine is also evicted from the game.

As the two house factions reunite, the rest of the Leftover Alliance members are dissatisfied to see that Joseph has been suspended from the competition. In the near future episodes, Kyle may have a target for all of his plot and scheming.

Episode 23 Considering the house being reunited, Terrance, Alyssa, Kyle, and Turner (aka the Afterparty) begin to spin their narrative on why they voted Joseph out of the house. They attempted to paint him as "acting crazy." However, the Leftover Alliance from Brochella isnt buying the lies and now sees the pending HOH competition as an extremely crucial one.

The houseguests can stack tiny cans with a large pair of tweezers during the HOH competition for the week. Unfortunately for the Leftovers Alliance, Turner suffers another damage to their game as it progresses, making it the new HOH. When it comes down to it, Turner names both Brittany and Taylor for eviction.

Is it possible that Brittany''s game bestie Michael win another Veto challenge and save her? Or will Taylor win it for herself and again escape elimination? Well, let''s wait and see.

Kyle tells Monte, a fellow member of The Pound Alliance, what happened at the Dyre Festival. With Alyssa and Turner present, Kyle explains that he told Terrance all about The Leftovers Alliance. Monte was not satisfied with the incident.

Michael meets with Monte and Taylor before heading to the country to discuss what Kyles has been saying. Kyle may have confessed to slapping the beans about The Leftovers Alliance, but hasn''t been aware of his allegations that the people of color in the house were forming a coalition. Once Michael and Brittany reveal what Kyle said, Monte and Taylor are no longer shocked but are dissatisfied.

Kyle''s claims are made up of news, and he vows to do nothing with him''s views. It''s very probable that Kyle will not be the number one target to leave the house until the next episode.

Episode 25 Of The tides, Kyle was absolutely devastated. During the episode, Terrance and Monte, particularly the latter, explained why his statements were distressing. However, Kyle listened and was perhaps even remorseful for his words, and the house still voted to expulsion him.

While Michael and Brittany are happy to have survived another week, they may enjoy the rest of the competition with a goal on their backs. The other housemates were not pleased that Kyle withheld the information and used it to protect their own hides.

Episode 26 As the competition decreases, the HOH challenges become increasingly challenging. This week, the HOH challenge has called for the contestants to create a puzzle that resembles the famous Zingbot from the show. Unsurprisingly, Michael again wins HOH for the week, annoying his housemates who see him as a huge threat.

Unfortunately, his housemates are unable to do anything about removing Michael this week. In fact, by the end of the episode, he nominates Alyssa and Terrance for eviction.

Michael has a conversation with Alyssa and informs her that Terrance''s goal is actually to be reinstated in his list last week. Terrance also informs him that if he visits the jury house, he might say that Kyle and Brittany were resentful to the news until it was beneficial to them. That leaves Michael with something to think about.

Michael wins this weeks veto contest in a feat that should have been planned. Despite all of his sidebar discussions, Michael keeps the nominations the same. Hopefully, you can see who returns on Thursdays episode.

Episode 28 The first eviction, according to Michaels'' plan, was made after being unconcerned from the house. Terrance is unconcerned about it and is unconcerned about it. However, the real drama comes when cameras pan over to the jury house.

Joseph is happy to see Kyle walk after being evicted last weekin in the jury house, which means he will no longer compete. When Kyle comes clean about why he was evicted, Joseph, Indy, and Jasmine are disappointed by Kyle''s outrageous comments about the players of color that formed an alliance. They are equally peeved with Michael and Brittany for utilizing Kyle''s ignorance to enhance their own game.

Turner wins the next HOH competition, but he will select Alyssa and Brittany as the new nominees for eviction. When Monte wins the veto, he shakes things up and replaces Alyssa with Michael as the other nominee. In the end, Michael is evicted.

Episode 29 of The challengers, who are perhaps the most vulnerable to Michael out of the house, are eager to compete to be the new HOH. They are also trying to figure out which allegiances to stay true to as the competition falls.

Monte won the championship by nine seconds after a HOH contest that divided the first and second-place finishers. After a successful process, he defeated Brittany and Alyssa for eviction. However, depending on what happens with the veto competition, he may be forced to nominate a replacement candidate in Turner.

Big Brother season 24 evictions

Paloma Aguilar is the first contestant to leave the series for personal reasons, so she technically was not evicted, even if she is no longer on the show.

2. Although he''s not the first person to leave, Joe "Pooch" Pucciarelli is the first contestant to be evicted from season 24.

Ameerah Jones is sent home, which is causing havoc to her and others that aren''t aware of the "The Leftovers."

Nicole was voted out of the house in a tragic accident following Daniel''s "dumb" move that put her up for eviction.

5. Indy is voted out of the house 7-1. It might have been different if Kyle had done what he was asked and used the power of veto.

Both Jasmine Davis and Joseph Abdin have been remanded in jail for a double eviction.

7. Kyle is sent home after the whole house learns of his displeasure.

Terrance and Michael are put to rest in the house in a double eviction.

Big Brother season 24 premise

The following is not the case for every season of season 24: Strangers go into the Big Brother house to compete in a variety of challenges, all in hopes of being awarded the winner and claiming the prize. While in the house, almost everything the contestants do will be seen by the cameras, including when they hatch their predictable strategies and schemes.

Big Brother season 24 host

Julie Chen Moonves is returning to her hosting duties with the Daytime Emmy winner. With good reason. She has been the series for the past year. We aren''t even sure how the show would look without her front and center.

How to watch Big Brother season 24

The most recent season of broadcasts is live on CBS. For those who don traditional cable/satellite television, CBS is also available through a number of live television streaming services, including FuboTV, Hulu, and Live TV. Paramount Plus Premium subscribers and subscribers to the CBS app also have the option to watch episodes live as they air.

Season 24 may be watched on-demand via the CBS app and Paramount Plus the day after the episodes premiere.

If you want to know more about what''s going on in the house that''s not shown on television, Paramount Plus is the property of the Live Feed.

While Paramount Plus was first available in the United Kingdom as of June 22, there is still no confirmation that UK subscribers will be able to view the series with a Paramount Plus subscription.

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