What happened to the Cobra Kai season 5 finale? Will there be a Cobra Kai season 6?

What happened to the Cobra Kai season 5 finale? Will there be a Cobra Kai season 6?

Have you crossed the line during Season 5? If you have any doubts about how things ended and where the sequel series will go from here, here''s how you can get your hands on some of the greatest questions that stem from Season 5, please give us a call. SPOILER If you haven''t completed Season 5, please email them.

Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) examines his most powerful and misguided tactics at the Cobra Kai dojo, which he hopes to expand. Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) are able to sabotage Silver as a result of the Cobra Kais'' victory in the All Valley Tournament in the previous season.

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What do they do this?

Who wins the Terry Silver vs. Daniel LaRusso encounter?

Terry Silver and Daniel LaRusso have a history back to, where Silver was the main antagonist. In the film, Silver tried to corrupt LaRusso, teaching him a number of controversial techniques, but LaRusso despised Silver and his Cobra Kai students when he returned to Mr. Miyagis teachings.

Fans were rushing to see the two square off, which they actually performed midseason, but everything slowed down into this final showdown.

Johnny, Chozen, and Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) from a previous enemy try to fight Silver. Unfortunately, Silver proves too much for them, with Chozen getting seriously wounded in a sword vs sais fight. That''s where the final fight between him and LaRusso took place.

The show had to do some nice editing with the fight, intersplicing scenes from as LaRusso utilizes some of Silver''s strengths against the villain. The end result comes with a move that Silver previously criticized, but remains the most iconic in the whole franchise the crane kick (the first time it has been used in ).

What happens to the Cobra Kai dojo?

Silver is defeated physically by LaRusso in these final moments, but it is not the only loss he and the Cobra Kai dojo have. Sam (Mary Mouser, Miguel, Robby, Tarner Buchanan, Pinner List, and others try and take down Silver themselves by getting an incriminating video of Silver attacking Stingray.

However, after discovering the video, they realize it''s gone. Tory knows another video that might put Silver down, where he tells her that he bribed the refs for her to win the All Valley Tournament. When current Cobra Kai students come up, they learn to stop supporting him.

As Stingray exposes Silver assaulted him, the police arrive and arrest him. This time, the dojo will presumably be shut down.

Is John Kreese really dead?

Former Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) has been sentenced to death all season after being framed by Terry Silver in the season finale. In the end of the episode, Kreese is seen being beaten up and stabbed by other inmates and bleeding on the floor. The scene cuts away before we can learn his fate. At the conclusion of the episode, it is revealed that Kreese faked this event (using jell-o as blood), stole the prison doctors security card and

So Kreese is freely and at large. What will it be for LaRusso, Lawrence, and others to do so?

What is the Sekai Takai tournament?

Terry Silvers grand plan for the season was to build Cobra Kai up so that it could win what he has called "the Super Bowl" of karate tournaments, the international Sekai Takai tournament. Silver gets Cobra Kai into the tournament, but they have a chance to stop him, while LaRusso and Lawrence get Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang in. The actual tournament was not shown in season 5, however, but it may be the next step for the show.

Is there going to be Cobra Kai season 6?

The series has not been officially renewed for a season 6, but the most recent episodes have been in the Netflix Top 10 since its release on September 9, so it''s possible that the show would not continue.

Season 5 (as well as all previous seasons of the show) may be watched exclusively on Netflix.

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