How to Watch the NFL on ESPN Plus

How to Watch the NFL on ESPN Plus

The NFL is the dominant sport in the United States, so it''s appropriate that fans can watch the NFL on ESPN Plus, a streaming service from a high-tech sports network, with more football on the platform than ever before.

This season, NFL on ESPN Plus will include a slew of Monday Night Football games, live studio shows, on-demand original programming, and, for the first time, a live NFL game exclusive to ESPN Plus.

From what you need to know about ESPN Plus''s ability to watch the NFL, here''s all you need to know about it, from what''s available to the streaming service.

NFL games on ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus has always offered live NFL game action from the NHL on ESPN Plus to college football on ESPN Plus, but it hasn''t offered much live NFL game action before as it is doing for the 2022 NFL season.

Check out the full schedule of games that will be available on ESPN Plus this year:

  • Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks, September 12, 8:15 pm ET/5:15 pm PT
  • Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles, September 19, 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants, September 26, 8:15 pm ET/5:15 pm PT
  • Denver Broncos vs Jacksonville Jaguars, October 30, 9:30 am ET/6:30 am PT
  • Los Angeles Rams vs Green Bay Packers, December 19, 8:15 pm ET/5:15 pm PT
  • Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals, January 2, 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT
  • Two TBD games during week 18 of the regular season, January 7
  • NFL Playoffs Wildcard game, January 16, 8:15 pm ET/5:15 pm PT

All of these games, except the Broncos vs. Jaguars, will be available on traditional television.

The Monday Night Football Manningcast for the Cowboys vs. Giants, the Rams vs. Packers, and the Wildcard games is also available on ESPN Plus.

NFL on ESPN Plus content

Other sports that include live games and music like, and are available to stream on ESPN Plus. Subscribers to the streaming service can also read exclusive articles from

How to sign up for ESPN Plus

There are a few ways to register before you start registering for ESPN Plus.

The most straightforward route is to simply sign up for ESPN Plus as a standalone service. There is only one subscription option ($9.99 per month/$99.99 for a whole year) and the streaming service works on most devices and televisions, including Roku, Amazon Fire, and more.

As part of the Disney Bundle, you may also bundle ESPN Plus with other streaming services, including Disney Plus and Hulu. Hulu also has Live TV subscribers having access to ESPN Plus as a standard feature.

ESPN Plus is only available to US consumers.

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