Justin Morgan SURPRISE FOR Lyrik! Home and Away spoilers

Justin Morgan SURPRISE FOR Lyrik! Home and Away spoilers

On today''s episode of (1:45pm - Channel 5)*, Justin Morgan (played by James Stewart) has a SURPRISE offer for Lyrik. Despite Justin''s efforts, Leah attempts to convince Leah that the money is for a good cause... and it will also assist him in increasing his Summer Bay Auto business. However, after Theo and Kirby let slip to Leah about Justin''s BIG purchase for the band, she is not happy! How will Justin talk his

Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) has avoided Visiting her police partner, Senior Constable Cash Newman, in hospital. However, Rose still feels like she was killed during the SHOCK shooting that almost killed Cash, when the police raided the house of the bikers. However, Cash is still pushing Rose for the details of what happened, and the copper slowly suffocates his anger and sadness. A shocked Rose...

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