Dotty Cotton has some amazing news for Rocky in EastEnders!

Dotty Cotton has some amazing news for Rocky in EastEnders!

Dotty Cotton prepares for the fall out when her secret comes out in Tuesday''s episode (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Rocky Cotton''s attempts to delegate Dotty Cotton back into the Beales'' house have left her frustrated. However, everything is still strained in the house, and Dotty is irritated.

It''s making matters worse with Dotty holding close to her heart the bombshell from her mum Sandy Gibson. At Christmas, Sandy claimed that Nick Cotton wasn''t her father after all but her true father was in fact Rocky!

Kathy finds Dotty unsure that Rocky''s keeping something from her. Rocky makes a confession... He admits that he was once engaged to a lady and walked out on her.

This is not the exact confession that Dotty anticipated, and she refuses to bite her lip, so that she is on the verge of blurting out what Sandy told her!

Vinny Panesar''s sister Ash Panesar shares a fascinating argument with Dotty about how she''s treated him after sleeping with Finlay Taylor, Vinny is shocked.

Vinny cannot''t allow his displeasure at Dotty, but he tells Rocky that he''s Dotty!

Janine Butcher is still in shock after discovering that she''s pregnant with Mick Carter''s baby. Sonia Fowler isn''t certain about it, and she encourages Janine to tell Mick the truth.

What will she do?

Mick and his ex Linda Carter have a relationship, following her after she and her husband attempted to return her daughter Annie Carter to the United States.

He assures Linda that he still cares about her, and that he''ll assist her in her quest to get her home.

Nugget Gulati has sparked havoc with his confrontation with Denzel Danes, a fellow Square Newcomer, and he ended up half of the residents! Not least schoolmate Amy Mitchell, who has been chastised by the boys'' constant teasing.

Denzel approaches Amy, wanting to talk, and nugget admits to Amy that he''s sorry that he and Nugget have been ribbing her, and that it will not happen again.

Nugget confronts Denzel and asks him if he''s had a crush on Amy. An angry Denzel rejects it, but it''s clear he isn''t being completely honest!

Frankie Lewis tells Mick Carter that she''s been offered a job in Scotland.

On BBC One, on Wednesday, the show will be repeated at 7:30 pm.

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