Kheerat Panesar is adamant about Ravi in EastEnders

Kheerat Panesar is adamant about Ravi in EastEnders

Ravi Gulati is up to no good in Thursday''s episode (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings) according to Kheerat Panesar.

Kheerat Panesar will not compete in Ravi Gulati, his mum''s opening night, according to Stacey Slater and Eve Unwin. He is urged to go and support his mother, but he stumbles on his heels.

Ravi Gulati, who is working on the reopening of Walford East, is determined to keep an eye on Suki Panesar. He knows she''s on a knife edge trying to keep it together after discovering the shock death of his father Ranveer Gulati.

Suki''s fears are resigned as Stacey walks in with Kheerat, whom she is convinced to have a change of heart.

Suki was beginning to become a bit panicky when a family friend asks Kheerat about Ranveer. A watching Ravi wanes in to deflect the answer.

Stacey is getting a lot of advice, and she asks Kheerat why he''s so enthused about knowing where Ranveer is. An already angry Kheerat accuses her of drinking too much, and she goes into the kitchen.

Ravi discovers Stacey and the pair are soon becoming flirty, but Kheerat walks in and cuts their conversation short.

Kheerat confronts Suki and accuses her that he is suspicious of Ravi and Ranveer. Suki takes him away from her to hide her alarm.

Will Kheerat answer his concerns?

On the day of her court hearing, Linda Carter''s nerves are drained as she attempts to get her daughter Annie Carter back home.

Anita''s new brief is designed to calm Linda''s worries and express her desire to do things she can. When Linda realizes how much her new lawyer has cost, she feels resentment. She immediately opens up to Sharon Watts about her gratitude to Mick Carter as he paid the money.

Shirley Carter, Mick''s mother, discovers how much Mick has paid to assist Linda, and says she''s grateful to Mick''s actual push Janine Butcher, aware that it will infuriate her!

Linda has left behind thinking about how much Mick has helped her out, and how she feels for him are now unavoidable. She decides it''s time to tell him that she still loves him.

Will she get the opportunity?

On the launch day of Walford East, owned by Suki Panesar and Ravi Gulati, Kathy Beale is feeling somewhat low. She feels that she''s had to sell the company because it was her absent son Ian Beale''s desire to run a restaurant.

Kathy is disappointed when her grandson Bobby Beale confronts Dotty Cotton in the cafe. Will she keep things together?

Harvey Monroe insists on having ex Jean Slater drinking while still drinking as well as being friends.

On BBC One, the program begins on Monday at 7:30 pm.

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