Marvelgame has been announced by a Pokemon Go developer

Marvelgame has been announced by a Pokemon Go developer

Niantic, the creator of Pokemon Go, has announced Marvel World of Heroes, a new smartphone AR game, set to launch worldwide in 2023.

World of Heroes looks to be the latest in a line of Niantic games, with the company''s usual focus on outdoor play - and another important license to adapt.

The game''s features are still thin on the ground, although a press release claims it will be "the first Marvel game in which players become their own unique Marvel Super Hero."

Despite the above concept teaser video, players are displaying superhero powers inspired by Doctor Strange, Thor, and X-Men''s Cyclops.

"The game is designed to be a social game experience and pits players, their friends, and their iconic Marvel Super Hero friends against Marvel Super Villains and interdimensional threats," a press release adds.

As you become your own hero, you should expect famous characters such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America to pop up and assist you.

After a couple of years of research, the brands don''t get much bigger than Marvel. Niantic is likely to start its next game with mixed reactions to some of its other, non-Pokemon Go projects. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was rejected early this year, while other projects such as a Catan spin-off and a long-awaited Transformers game have failed to go fully.

In June, Niantic announced that an upcoming NBA game would be in the works. It is also considering a complete worldwide launch for its virtual pet mobile title Peridot.

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