As goo-themed teasersleak, Fortnite confirms its next season title

As goo-themed teasersleak, Fortnite confirms its next season title

The first details of Fortnite''s next season have been confirmed by Epic Games, with a chrome-coloured goo.

The new season, which will begin this Sunday, the 18th September, will be called "Paradise," although it may be anything but.

After being discovered early, fans poured over a series of social media teases for the weekend.

Three teases include a TikTok-style influencer video, in which items and people are suddenly consumed by a metallic gunge.

Fortnite has made a reference to this stuff washing up on the island in its in-game game. Meanwhile, more energy is now being drawn from the map''s Zero Point macguffin, and soaked up by its mysterious Reality Tree.

It consumes everything. #FortniteParadiseVideo was spotted on tiktok, thanks @FNinfluencer for the video file

Another #FortnitePardise teaser spotted on tiktok by @waldoblake08

The Fortnite News Telegram''s #FortniteParadise Video Teaser

Following the spring''s climactic war between major in-game factions, this summer season has been a deliberately chilled affair. There are a tumultuous plot threads that have been wrapped up.

Fans are now looking for Fortnite to revamp their gear once more, but they may be dissected as the game''s annual Fortnitemares Halloween event approaches.

Following the leaks, Epic Games has now gone live with a simple splash page for Paradise showing its logo. We''re anticipating more on what it all means later this week.

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