Season two of Fall Guys gets out of this world on 15thSeptember

Season two of Fall Guys gets out of this world on 15thSeptember

Mediatonic, a space-themed season 2, has revealed the names of the Fall Guys developers and the release date.

Season one of Free For All was shortened and was (obviously) related to Fall Guys'' free-to-play soft revival back in June.

Season two is titled Satellite Scramble, and it all revolves around (you guessed it) space!

Mediatonic has been reducing space exploration for a bit, with the Satellite Repair Mission event that began last week.

Phew, I put some tinfoil on my computer and now I can send messages againYeah, the satellite is broken apart and there''s plenty of debris everywherePls assist us repair it, we''ve created a playlist consisting only of areas where the pieces have

The battling beans have been able to provide more information about what''s going on in Fall Guys'' next season, following the satellite being replaced.

Mediatonic have announced a slew of new modes on the official website of Fall Guys - Tiptoe Finale will see you compete with other players against up to four other teams, in Starchart you''ll have to navigate invisible paths, and Space Race will bring the Gauntlet mode to the outer reaches of the universe.

As part of the season pass, a new season pass will be available for the new season, which will bring you "100+ levels of costume, emote, and celebration unlocks." Spock, Xenomorph, and Hatsune Miku''s costumes were confirmed in the announcement. A free track will be available for those who don''t wish to purchase the season pass.

The satellite scan for Fall Guys will take place on the 15th September, across all platforms. Read the full content about what''s coming in in Mediatonic''s blog post.

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