What is the word today for451? Wordle's answer for Tuesday, 13th September

What is the word today for451? Wordle's answer for Tuesday, 13th September

It''s a fresh day, and you''ll know what it means, and now is the time to prepare the Wordle answer for today, the 13th September.

Wordle''s objective is to define a daily five-letter word within six assumptions for the uninitiated. The more accurate the guesses, the better, and if you fail to guess it at all, you''ll break your streak.

The latter is why developing today''s Wordle answer is such a priority, as players pride themselves on maintaining their streak going. Why don''t you gamble on a risky final guess when you can learn a few clues and, failing that, get the definitive answer? This page is free to follow.

Once you''ve had today''s word, you''re interested in other word games? We''ve discussed the topic of authorship in the world of Cyptic crosswords and Sudoku, and why The NYTimes Mini Crossword is a huge hit.

Clues for today''''s Wordle answer

Instead of going straight to the answer, you may only need a few suggestions to get you over the line:

  • There is a repeating letter in today''''s word - and this repeating letter is a vowel.
  • The repeating vowel starts and ends the word.
  • We would describe the middle letter in this word as rare.
  • As for a clue to the word itself, it''''s actually part of the Greek alphabet.

Still uncertain? Read on for the answer.

On the 13th September and 2022, Wordle will give us the answer for word 451.

Do you have any of the above information, but are still not certain and want to keep the streak going?

The ALPHA is the answer to Wordle today.

The Wordle begins with a vowel, so it took me until my final choice to place the ''A'' at the start. I luckily had the ''H'' and ''L'' already guessed, but ended my streak, so I managed to keep it going.

Now you have the answer, do not let others spoil it! Remember, you can keep your results unanswered in the form of a grid.

It is absolutely no need to know that you came to this page to look out. Perhaps, rightly, put in two or three false assumptions first to dissect them from the scent?

Want to get more info about Wordle ahead of the next answer?

Since Wordle''s whirlwind arrival in October 2021, millions of players were seen arriving every day in just a few months.

App stores were quickly overwhelmed with clones to capitalize on its popularity. Elsewhere, one developer who had a similar-named game available previously donated their windfall to charity after players mistook it for the five-letter guessing game, citing Wordle''s creator as a "class act."

The most significant feature in Wordle''s history is its purchase by the New York Times for an unidentified seven-figure sum, which involves folding the game into the paper''s umbrella of online games.

Wordle is still alive and well today, although there have been a few minor developments behind the scenes.

During the initial migration, streaks for some players were reset, and rude words were removed from the dictionary, which has resulted in the word list changing, resulting in some players receiving a different word. The New York Times has also shut down an "unauthorised" archive site of previous Wordle puzzles.

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